Withdrawal Of Concessions To Some Industries Unfortunate – BJP

Excise concession withdrawal unfortunate- BJP
Shimla: The BJP today termed the notification for withdrawal of excise concession to certain section of industries as ‘unfortunate’.

Coming out in defense of industry that was likely to be affected by the finance ministry’s new notification, Khusi Ram Balnatta, BJP state secretary said that the UPA government was indifferent towards the states needs for industrialization and after first having reduced the overall tax exemption period by three years, now had taken away the benefits from a certain section of industries that had started functioning in Himachal.

He said that it was the Vajapyee led NDA government that was genuinely concerned about the states need for industry and had granted the special industrial package till 2013. “First this package was reduced to the year 2007 and now stands extended till 2010,” he said.

The latest notification would adversely effect the states efforts to attract investments into the state as the central government was even withdrawing benefits for those units that had started operations under a different set of rules. “Our creditability of providing tax benefits for setting up units in the state, would not stand anymore, said Balnatta

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