Project report on four-laning of Pinjore-Nalagarh road this year

KUMARHATTI: Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Chief Engineer-Roads and Surface Ministry, Government of India has assured to prepare a detail project report on four laning of Pinjore- Nalagarh road. Talking to an industrial delegation comprising of officials from CII, HP Council and BBN Industries Association at Nalagarh this evening, Mr. Gupta was seemed to be convinced with the long pending demand of industry to four-lane the road that has daily vehicle load of much more than required for four laning criteria.

The delegation shared the last month survey report about traffic on road with Mr. Gupta. The survey revealed that Pinjore-Nalagarh stretch has daily traffic load of 56,000 passenger car unit (PCU) as against 16000 PCU required for four laning.

Mr. Gupta said that the four laning project report would be prepared in current year. Replying to a delegation demand over improving the condition of road, Mr. Gupta said that to broaden the road the funds have already been allocated to Himachal and Haryana governments.

It has planned to broaden the road width from 7-meter to 10-meter, he said. He also assured to repair the damaged Bald bridge near Baddi by the end of next month. There was also plan to strengthen the junction at Pinjore by removing encroachment at the point, he pointed out.

It was required as the congestion at Pinjore usually forced the motorists to spend almost 45 minutes to 2 hours on a stretch of one kilometer which was also resulted into wasteful consumption of fuel and affecting the environment very badly.

Replying to the delegation’s concern over slow work progress on direct Baddi- Chandigarh road, Mr. Gupta said that soon he was going to hold meetings with Secretaries of Punjab and Haryana governments in this regard.

Mr. A K Nagpal, Superintending Engineer, Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, GoI and Chief Engineer Himachal PWD were also accompanied Mr. Gupta.

The industrial delegation was led by Mr. Rajender Gulerai, Chairman CII HP, Mr. Deepak Bhandari and Mr. Vijay Arora Senior Vice Presidents, BBNIA, Mr. R. N. Dhar, Vice President and Mr. Anil Kohli , Treasurer , BBNIA.

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  1. says: rahul

    HI,M Rahul from pinjore.i wnt to draw kind attention of national highway auth. towards bad cond. of pinjore-nalagarh road.i live here so i know the work for increasing width of road started near about 2-3 months nd it does nt reach upto 500 mtrs..i dont see any worker working there from so many days.they dig road for some distance nd then leave conditions become more difficult for daily passangers like me..pls..rply

  2. says: Mohinder pal

    Please see the traffic conditions on Pinjore to Nalagarh Highway. Due to worse road conditions on said highway it take at least 1.5 to 2 hr for 18 Kilometres. Please tell when 4-lane work will start to avoid this havoc…..

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