State to get national disaster response battalion and national food craft institute

New Delhi: Central government has approached the state government to provide suitable land for raising the National Disaster Response Battalion (NDRF) and National Food Craft Institute in the state on the request of the state government. Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister, today informed reporters.

Chief Minister informed Solan is preferred for NDRF and Una district for food craft institute.

Battalion was likely to be managed by 8 composite teams consisting of strong and skilled manpower of about 1,158 personnel and would be prompt to respond to any disastrous calls.

He said that a brick of National Disaster Mitigation Reserve, which will cater to the immediate needs of 25,000 affected people in any disastrous situation had also been proposed to be co-located with each of the 8 National Disaster Response Force unit.

NDRF would have an additional store for 50,000 people residing in high altitude areas in neighbouring states.

Battalion would also provide basic training in operational disaster management to the local people and response forces of the state including police, civil defense and home guard forces to rise to the situations from time to time besides carrying mock exercises.

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