Ban on public meetings and cell phones in schools

Shimla: Education Department spokes person informed today that the Himachal Government has now imposed a ban on organizing public meetings in the school premises during working hours in which the students are forced to participate and added that it has also been viewed seriously that the school children are made to stand on the roadside to welcome dignitaries visiting the area thereby wasting their study time and putting them to inconvenience.

Spokesman said that it has also been decided that henceforth no public meeting would be held in the school premises during working days and no students forced to participate in such meetings and made to stand on roadside to welcome dignitaries visiting that area.

Further no community lunch will be served in school premises, he added.

However educational institution would be at liberty to organize various functions, sports events, extra-curricular activities and the school management may encourage active participation of every student. He said that all the teaching and non-teaching staff working in Government Colleges/Senior Secondary Schools/High Schools were directed to comply with the instructions.

Government has also taken note of cell phone use in school premises. Heads of institutions were directed to ensure that all lecturers/teachers would not use their cell phones in the classrooms and further directed to ensure compliance of these instructions by all the teaching staff working in educational institutions.

He said that failure to comply with the above instructions of the Government would invite disciplinary action against the defaulters.

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  1. says: RKS

    The new government has begin with some measures for minimizing sycophancy and improving atmosphere in the government schools. But some politicians are still flouting these orders. But it is only with the efforts of responsible people in the society, who can help in highlighting the deviations.
    A story in TOI on 30-01-08 highlighted such a dereliction ( ), which had been ordered for an inquiry by the government on the same day ( ).
    I hope that the government will come out with similar and prompt actions in case their own party members flout the orders.

  2. says: Kamlesh Thakur

    It’s really good idea to avoid wasteage of students valueable time. Because now days so much competiotion around the world so it’s really help them in the examination if they utilised extra time for study.

  3. says: Rivesh

    “Heads of institutions were directed to ensure that all lecturers/teachers would not use their cell phones in the classrooms……”
    The only basis for such a notification seems that it is only the teachers who do not have any mobile manners. This notification may be very humiliating to those teachers, whose degree of idealism is still at the highest level in society despite such an apathetic attitude towards this weakest social animal of modern India. Not to think of their efforts to discipline the students in this context.
    I think the imperial designed beurocracy do not even know the right tone of any language. It would be better to sensitize the whole society about mobile manners and ban cellphone use while driving as done in the civilized society to minimize the risk to others.

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