Controversial Justice Jagdish Bhalla Appointed As Himachal Chief Justice

Jagdish Bhalla as the Chief Justice of Himachal PradeshPresident Pratibha Patil elevated tainted judge Jagdish Bhalla as the new Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh.

Justice Bhalla had been officiating as acting Chief Justice of the Chattisgarh High Court. Himachal’s new chief justice designate has been accused by eminent jurists of impropriety and misconduct.

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam had refused to clear Justice Bhalla’s elevation as Chief Justice of Kerala High Court and had returned the file to the government over allegations that Justice Bhalla’s family was involved in a land scam worth crores.

NDTV citing a sub-divisional magistrate’s report points out that Justice Bhalla’s wife Renu had bought 7,200 sq meters of land in Noida, whose market value at that time was allegedly estimated to be worth Rs 7.2 crores, for Rs 5 lakhs.


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  1. says: Rivesh

    The whole of country respect the stature of Dr Kalam. Whether it is the case mentioned above or the Afzal’s case, he showed his calibre and stood firmly on his stand. He will be appreciated by all in the years to come. He was selected by the BJP, termed as communal party by the pseudo seculars. Does it reflect anything of that sort? Or should we keep on appreciating the congress culture which stands now exposed widely by their deeds?

  2. says: Dinesh Singh

    In my opinion it is a well planned strategy by central government of congress. They know Vir Bhadra Singh and his cronies would get hard time now and state BJP government would be behind them. So keeping Congress man on top job would ensure smooth sailing for congress guys in court of law. All is sold. Let’s see how much BJP can do to check rampant corruption of Congress. But at thw same time their own MLAs were selling even transfers in their last regime which eventually led to their fall. All drama.

  3. says: Ashesh Singh

    presently even the Advocates in Rajasthan are agitating against the corrupt practices of Justice Bhalla in appointment of ADJ’s demanding his immediate transfer and initiation of impeachment proceedings against him. Looking at the past of Justice Bhalla and the (non)response of the Central Government & the CJI’s (Justice Sabharwal & Justice Balakrishnan) it can very well be said & sadly so that the judiciary in the country is in very sad state of affairs and past few years have been the lowest point in the glorifying India Judicial History. Unfortunately (fortunately for Justice Bhalla) his retirement is due in next 2 months and i believe that little can be done against him now but i can’t help but think what in world prevented the former CJI’s & the Union Law Ministry not to take any action against him despite complaints by COJA involving senior Advocates & eminent Jurists like Ram Jethmalani, Shanti Bhushan & Fali S. Nariman. Seriously, i mean what is this country coming to?

  4. says: Rajeshwar Vishnoi

    As per my point of view, I am of an opinion that the inquiry against Judges should not be stopped by any procedure. I mean to say that a judgment of Supreme Court that Permission of Supreme Court is must before initiate any criminal inquiry against any sitting judge is clutching the hands of the Authorities to conduct any legal inquiry against Judges.

    We should not decide any persons guilt or Clearity.
    Let it be decided by investigation authority as well as Documentary evidence.

    Good Bye, thanks.

  5. says: Rajeshwar Vishnoi

    Again I would I like to state that the Judiciary of our Country should not and must not and ever not be influenced by any political party becuase these parties have a profession to mislead the procedure of any department.

    I again appeal to readers that they may kindly leave their point of view whether a Judges be of a political party or not ?

    Thanks again.

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