4 Dogra regiment’s dedication of Maa Jawalamukhi

Jwalamukhi: In keeping with their devotion and dedication to “diety Jwalamukhi”, yet another welcome gate “Shardha Dhawar” was recently constructed by the 4 Dogra here on Dharmshala- Shimla National highway. This gate was dedicated by the Jawans of the Regiment.

This welcome gate was inaugrated by Colonel Sunil Sharma of 4 Dogra. Prominent persons of the city and Ex-service men of the area were also present on the ocassion. Colnel Sharma traced the history of the Dogra Regiment and louded the role of the Jawans towards National security alongwith social service.

He claimed that the Jawans of the Dogra Regiment have now become an epitome of courage and gallantry. Jawans always fought with enemy with extra ordinary vallour in war fornt and did not lose courage, he added.The example set by the Jawans of the Regiment during the war with Mayanmar and Pakistan was comendably in the history of the Army. Col. Sharma said that the “Shardha Dwar” was constructed at this temple town is dedicated to the memory of the braves who laid down their lives in action. The Regiment was raised in 1940 and soilders of the 4 Dogra set an excitant example during the war in 1945 with Mayanmar in easterm region at MAWE after that in 1948 at Naushara sector in Northern region at chauta chak border, Jawans of the Regiment defeated the enemy.The Regiment got the “Yudh Samman” MAGWE in 1945 and in 1948 BARWALI a greatest honour of Army in the world during the war.

More than 131 awards including one Mhavir Chakra, 6 vir chakra, 1 Kirti chakra, 1 Shauraya Medal and 3 Sena Medal was another feather in the cap of Regiment. 4 Dogra is first Regiment of the country who’s first platoon served in Siachin in 1984. During the insurgency in Punjab in 1990 to 1993 the Regiment made an extra ordinary example in the field of social service alongwith internal security.

Generally armed forces are deployed in border areas and National security maintained by them but the example of social service renderded by the Dogra regiment is a rare one. The Jawans of this regiment are followers of “diety” Jwalamukhi and they believe that in the Jwalamukhi Temple “diety Durga” is present in the form of celestial flame. The battle cry “Jawala Mata Ki Jai” of the Dogra regiment is evidence of their faith. Every regiment of the Indian Armed Forces have thier own “battle cry”, a slogan which is raised by Jawans during the War.An idol of deity Durga was dedicated by the 6th Royal Battalion of Sindh in 1942. This idol was inaugurated by the then Maharaja Baldev Singh of Guler state. He was the direct decendent of Maharaja Sansar Chand-II of Katoch dynasty. All the more, he was a renowned and celebrated authority of Sanskrit among his contemporaries. Even scholars of Sanskrit language from Kashi would come to seek his guidance in the knowledge of Sanskrit literature.

Many years ago “a marble idol” of the “deity Durga” was presented by Dogra jawans to this temple. It is now placed in the Shaiyya Bhavan on the temple premises. Later they offered a big bell which is hung in front of the gate.

The doors of the main gate and the gate were constructed by the 4 Dogras a few years ago. The welcome gate behind the bus stand also was constructed by them. Not only that a “he goat” is offered every year by the Dogra Regiment.The Dogra scouts also constructed a gate in front of Gopi Man Kuthiala Dharamshala.

The jwans of the Dogra Regiment come to pay obeisance to Jwalamukhi through the year. The tradition of paying obeisance to the “deity” is very common. The jwans have constructed “yatri niwas” in the vicinity of the temple.

Recently too, the 4 Dogra added another feather to the cap by constructing yet another majestic gate in the city.The jawans of 4 Dogra regiment is presentaly posted somewhere in the Himalayan region.

In particular, the jawans of the 12th Battalion of the Dogra Regiment have contributed a lot. The pilgrims who come from every nook and corner of the country to pay obeisance to Bhagwati Durga throughout the year have, no doubt,all the appreciation for this commendable work done by our valiant Dogra jawans.

With the same, Ex-soliders, who have served the regiment were distraghut that, on its part, the state Government is not serious enough in preserving the various monuments raised in the memory of valiant jawans, in this town.

During the interaction with media persons, while citing an example of Trafelger Square in London, where a statue of Admiral Nelson, who had defeated the French Naval fleet of Empror Nepolion Bonaparte in the historic naval battle of Trafelger-that ultimately led to the dicisive battle of waterloo which sealed the fait of Nepolion, the Empror of Europe. He pointed- out that how grate people of England have been so for remained beholden to their grate Admiral Nelson, till now.

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