Kayakalp- Offering best of medical tourism in Himachal

dsc00363.JPGPALAMPUR: KayaKalp a naturopathy center being run by Vivekanand Medical Research Trust here has proved a boon to the people of northern region of the country.

In Sanskrit, kaya means the body in its physical and sublime state, and kalp means transformation.

Kayakalp aims to turn the clock around by arresting the ageing process. It aims to arrest the degeneration of the body by detoxifying, immunizing, rejuvenating and regeneration the body cells and tissues through a holistic transformation of body, mind and soul.

The healthcare unit – dubbed the Himalayan Research Institute for Yoga and Naturopathy – has several offerings including Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Acupressure, Magneto Therapy, Chromotherapy and Diet therapy. It also has a gymnasium.

dsc00364.JPGKayakalp offers state-of-the-art, modern and luxurious facilities in the lap of natural beauty, where the rejuvenation treatment is traditional and natural. It provides holistic and drugless therapies under one roof.

It features a well designed meditation centre for learning the art and practising it. Kayakalp helps banish chronic ailments related to the digestive system, joint pains, arthritis, rheumatism, paralysis, allergy, skin diseases, asthma, migraine and depression by utilising the holistic treatment that is available there. Eight kinds of special herbal Ayurvedic massages are available at the facility. These help in proper circulation of blood throughout the body and toxins are filtered out.

The Vivekanand Medical Research Trust operates Kayakalp at Palampur, which is located in the scenic Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Situated on the Pathankot-Manali highway, 40 km. from Kangra airport (and about 100 km. from Pathankot railway station), Kayakalp is an 86-bed health retreat set amidst 52 acres of beautiful and lush green landscape.

Photos (c) Ravinder Sood.

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      ii am suffer knee pain back pain and my weight 87kgand also kabj pl inf howmany days andcost rajinder goel

  1. says: jatinder aggarwal

    i want to reduce 10 kg weight and i have survical problem want to solve that also tell me what u charge and how many days it takes

  2. says: AJAY PURI

    I want to know do kayakalp treat for sleep apnea (Sleeping Disorder). I snore very loudly. kindly inform &
    charges/ days for treatment.

    My Name ajay Puri M# 09811046129

  3. says: vinay seth

    I require weight loss and wellness treatment specially for stomach disorder.
    My wife requires treatment for arthiritis and wellness.

    please inform charges, how to book and availability.

  4. says: reeta

    what type of treatment u give in naturapathy. have u something soeacial for stomach disorder means regarding digestion and constipation etc.

  5. says: R P Tiwari

    I am 64 yrs ,having a problem of constipation since long time and also enlarge prostate (38gm) My wife is 60yrs having joints pain(knee) and high BP. I want to know about the treatment of these problems and how many days we have to stay there with total expenses pl inform me.

  6. says: Dr. Chandrama Anand

    I am 77 years old. I am used to walking at least 4 -6 Km every day. But now for the past one month I have started getting pain in left knee. I can not stand in the kitchen for more than 15 to 20 mins.For many months prior to this. If I stand, my left knee gets locked and painful. Also it tends to buckle/ and it is very disturbing .Please give me appointment and treatment ASAP..I live in Mouli village, Khanyara, Dharamsala.
    Mob. 9816458906

  7. says: Suresh Singal

    I have some pain in my head since last three years,in the morning after wake up nose block specially in winters,I have done my sleep test,very loud snoring.
    Can you suggest any treatment, so that I may visit your facility to sort out the problem and how many days I have to stay there??

  8. says: surender

    please advise booking rate for treatment of siness or chest conession etc want treat ment of ayurvedic treatment please adv charges or how to book

  9. says: Vinod Rani

    Hello I have done your program earlier with my friends and liked it. I am interested to bring my daughter who is here for short time to get the treatment for us
    Please contact me at 9876444455

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