Himachal Needs To Be Compensated For Protecting Forests – CPI(M)

CPI(M) Manifesto

Shimla: The CPI(M) manifesto, released today, seeks that the centre adequately compensate Himachal for conserving its vast forest cover that works as a carbon sink and has also sought enhancement in royalty on water used for hydro generation, for the state is deficient in resources and needs to achieve economic sustainability.

Though CPI(M) is only contesting 7 seats, the party in its manifesto states political party’s at the helm of affairs in Himachal had failed to get their due share from sharing of assets when the state of Punjab was divided in 1966 and Himachal and Haryana came up as separate entities.

Releasing the manifesto, Rakesh Singha, state secretary CPI(M) said, “Himachal was not made a state because of its economic viability and our party will support the state demand for increasing the royalty on hydro-generation from 12 to 15 percent. Besides, the central government needs to make a one time compensation of Rs 1000 Crore for nationalization of state forests that were helping in containing carbon emissions.

Without adequate resources, a self-reliant Himachal is a distant dream and the central government needs to compensate the state with higher distress grants for protecting its forests as well as enhancing water royalty, he said.

Singha said that the party’s fight would strive to get back the ’special category state’ status for Himachal, so that more funds for development can devolve from the centre. The party has stated that it would continue to oppose corporate and foreign direct investments in the retail sector.

The party also strongly opposes policies being implemented at the behest of the World Bank and has sought to stop the commercialization of education, he said.

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