Corruption Bane Of Virbhadra Government – BJP

Shimla: Hitting where it hurts most, the BJP today held that rampant corruption in the Virbhadra Singh government would show it the door from the corridors of power.

At a conference call Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP National Vice President claimed that as many as 55 scams had been unearthed during the congress term in office.

He said that the people were intrigued by the government role in protecting, defending and then ultimately reinstating suspended senior police official BS Thind.

Navqi questioned that after BS Thind, who is an additional director general of police, had been implicated in a fraud case by CBI, arrested and suspended, why the government chose to reinstate him.”

Accusing the government of shield the corrupt, he alleged, “With the chief minister himself steeped in corruption, minister of every department was competing with cabinet colleagues in indulging in corrupt practices,”

Naqvi said the people of the state had heard an audio CD, purportedly having the voice of chief minister Virbhadra Singh, his wife Pratibha Singh conversing with a former bureaucrat about illegal transactions. The government has not got the recording investigated at the Hyderabad forensic lab even after seven months when it first became public, he added.

He said that Congress leaders were afraid of their misdeeds and therefore the audio CD, which apparently has exposed corruption by senior Congress leaders has not been put under investigation. “If the Congress leaders have courage they should get CD investigated under in forensic lab and come clean,” said Naqvi.

From the participation of people in BJP rallies it was emerging that they are angry with the unfulfilled promises made by the congress party and the corrupt practices the government has indulged in during the course of the term, he said.

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  1. says: Dr.C.L.Dileep

    Dear Sir,
    It is a known fact that the the Chief Minister Mr. Virbhadra Singh is corrupt. When the matter of embezzlement of money by Dr.N.C.Rao ( Brother of Mr.Rangila Ram Rao, E&T Minister) was brought to his notice, he turned a blind eye and instead of allowing for his prosecution, decorated him with one more year of service after his retirement, on 31st December 2006. Shameless man and equally shameless coterie.

  2. says: RKS

    That is very true. This culture will be very difficult to remove now. It will take years even with a good leadership, as the active party workers will keep on demanding similar benefits as they have been seeing in the past.
    Evidences of corrupt practices highlighted this year are very strong in nature. They have been neither negated nor referred to investigations. All must understand this. This is really a testing time for people of Himachal, whether they have customized corruption or will act wisely as per the nation wide impression?

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