Himachal – Gujarat Elections To Impact National Politics – Sushma Swaraj

sushma.jpgShimla: Beaming with confidence of winning elections in Gujarat and Himachal, BJP spokesperson Sushma Swaraj stated that the poll results of the two states would cause a realignment in the central politics.

Talking to media persons on Saturday evening Swaraj said, “BJP is winning the Himachal and Gujarat elections and UPA government allies would seriously have to weigh their options to go with the congress any further, for the parliamentary elections, are only one year down the line.”

On women’s reservation bill, the BJP spokesperson said that unless women representation is not made constitutionally binding, no political party would give proper representation to women.

She said that Sonia Gandhi being the chairperson of the UPA government had failed to get the women reservation bill passed which would have ensured 33 percent reservation for women implemented.

Reacting to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that it was BJP’s fear Narinder Modi that forced the party to name LK Advani as their prime ministerial candidate just before polling in Gujarat, Swaraj said, “Nobody in BJP feared Modi and if anybody needed to fear him, it was the congress party.”

In Himachal, Swaraj said, the congress government has lost creditability for not implementing it poll promises. Coupled with anti-incumbency the Virbhadra Singh government would ousted from power, she said.

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