Himachal election results: 11:02 am


Trends: 67/68

  • BJP 41 (10 won)
  • CONG 21 (2 won)
  • others 6
  • BJP won: Bilaspur, Kot kehloor, Hamirpur, Ani
  • CONG won:
  • Rampur Congress leading
  • Nadda(BJP) wins from Bilaspur
  • Ramlal thakur trailing from Kot kehlur
  • Vir Bhadra Singh leading from Rohroo
  • S bhardwaj leads from shimla
  • Vidya stokes trailing from Kumarsain
  • Anil sharma leading from Mandi
  • Rajeev Bindal Leading
  • Mankotia trailing from Dharamsala
  • G S Bali trailing in Nagrota
  • Jairam Thakur leading from Chachiot
  • Ajay Mahajan leading from Nurpur
  • Narender Bragta leading from Jubbal Kotkhai
  • Vote share: BJP 46% (+11%) and CONG 39% (-1%) others 15%
  • Dhumal: Modi inspired us in Himachal
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  1. says: raj

    Congress is sure to loose the Himachal election like Gujarat and the same will be repeated in Andhra Pradesh. But the congress will keep insisting that Sonia is doing a great job. I hope she keeps up the good work so that the congress party will be discussed historically and not politically.

  2. says: Ravi Saxena

    During Congress Govt. Solan was not developed while he has lots of infrastructures. Now what we can expect from congress ? Last five year congress lost his faith in Hinachal people.

  3. says: Bhupinder

    Good to see a change which was required for Himachal. Not agreed to what Dr. Prem Kumar Dhumal said that it is Modi’s effect. People in Himachal know what they want and how to get that. Change in power is a good trend and should happen all over India.

    We in Himachal dont look for multiple options where the voters get split. We only see the Report Card of the MLA we select and vote accordingly. No external forces drive the formation of the Government in Himachal.

  4. says: Dev

    Change in Himachal was obvious as per history, but people are looking from BJP :
    1. A good goverence for five years.
    2. Not too much employee transfers.
    3. Develpment of basic infrastructure in Industrial Town Baddi.
    4. Speedy new road connection of Chandigarh with Baddi for overall development of Baddi.

  5. says: dwarka vishnu

    the real Gandhi era sacrificied their lifes and with patraoitism brought indipendence and now the Gandhi clanism ruled the nation and dried the nationalism keeping Ajzal Guru, the traitor of the nation still alive. now the bjp is opening with full nationalism.

  6. says: Pradeep Sharma

    Congress lost their government in Himachal Pradesh because of anti-incumbency factor. Most of big Congress leader who had any issues lost their seats. BJP should realize that they won because of there is no other option in the state. If they want another term they should done good work and their leader should have clean image

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