Dead body of dog lying unattended from 12 days

KUMARHATTI: Resentment prevails among the residents of Himmatpur Dawli the outer locality of town following failure of concerned authorities to dump the dead body of a stray dog lying alongside Kalka-Shimla national highway. The body was lying from the past 12 days but none has bothered to remove it from there. The body has become a continue source of emanating foul smell thus causing a problem from nearby residents.

The dog was killed after hitting by a speeding vehicle. The Dagshai cantonment officials were approached to lift the body but they refused to so do, pointed out the residents. The local panchayat have also declined to help out on the pretext that it was PWD work, residents rued. Ironically despite the fact that PWD officials were well aware of the body but yet they did not take any action, residents lamented.

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