CPM against revision and deletions in electoral rolls

Shimla: CPM today stood up against any further revision and deletions in the electoral rolls. CPM state secretariat member Tikender Singh Panwar, said ”The process of deleting and revising of electoral rolls comes to end after the process of filling of nominations begins for the polls,’’ but the continuing exercise is against the rules of the Election Commission (EC).

He pointed that Shimla’s Returning Officer (RO), against the rules of EC continued receiving objections and deleting names of the voters from the electoral rolls till the process was stopped. He accused RO for ”targeting and excluding” students from the rolls and not obeying the EC’s guidelines that the election officers could not delete the names of voters from the rolls, last published in June.

He added that the election officials were deleting the names of the voters who were registered at two places, from the urban list, without seeking their consent, which is clear violation of the rules.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    About 25 percent voters in HP are registered at more than two places (Times of India,18-11-2007). This is due to some specific conditions in the state that the beurocrates sitting in big offices cannot understand. Equating such conditions with Bihar and UP is an exaggeration of the fact.
    Deletion of votes in Shimla only and that also of the student community raises several doubts. Above all we all know, that the most people serving in important positions in state capital do have affiliations with ruling party. In such conditions, doing all this exercise even after election notification is unjustified. It is certainly going to snatch voting right of many people during elections which may result in chaos at booth level.
    “It will be better to insure that indelible ink is of good quality and placed rightly” to shed all fears of double voting.

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