Lok Sabha Elections After Himachal, Gujarat Poll Likely: BJP Prepared – Abbas Naqvi

Shimla: BJP today predicted an early Lok Sabha poll in the country over the spat Congress – Left Parties were having over nuclear issue
Talking to the media BJP vice president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said mid term polls were likely following the ”commercial break” between the Congress and the Left Parties over
the nuclear deal after the assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh got over.

He said BJP was prepared for the mid term polls, which were likely anytime next year with nine other states.

Referring to the continuing violence in Nandigram in West Bengal, he said it had showed the real face of the Congress and the CPM and had brought nothing but shame on humanity.

Terming CPM as ”Congress protected murders”, Naqvi said the continuing violence in Bengal was a blot on the Congress led UPA Government, which has done little to normalise the situation there.

He said a BJP delegation, led by former deputy prime minister L K Advani was visiting Nandigaram today to take stock of the situation and the party would also corner the Congress and CPM in Parliament over the issue.

Responding to a question on Gujarat riots of 2002, Naqvi the only prominent Muslim
leader in the BJP said two inquiry commissions were already functioning in the state and several cases were pending before the courts.

”Besides, no BJP leader has ever justified the Godhra incidents and the riots that followed,” said Naqvi.

He said in over 48,000 small and big riots in the country during the Congress’ tenure, hundred thousands lost their lives in various parts of the country but that did not get bad press at all.

Referring to the Gujarat Assembly elections, he said development was the only issue in the state, which has seen phenomenal progress on all fronts.

In response to another question, he said the BJP was not a communal party but a nationalist one and always stood for true secularism and did not believe in pseudo-secularism pursued by Congress and the Left parties.

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