Oberoi’s Wildflower Hall bends rules to accommodate Priyanka Vadra and family

Shimla: Rules are for anybody but the first family of India with the Oberoi Group. At Wildflower Hall, the luxurious five star hotel which boasts of being only of the two hotels in India where no child below 12 is given reservation policy, the rule was broken to accommodate Robert Vadra, Priyanka Vadra and their two children.

The Vadra’s who recently bought a piece of land at near Charabara are intending to build a hill cottage, the plans for which are being drawn up. Priyanka along with her husband and children arrived yesterday and are said to have discussed the building plans.

Robert left for Chandigarh early in the day to catch up with the cricket match at Mohali while Priyanka left in the afternoon as the family were to catch the evening Shatabdi train back to Delhi.

However what is being questioned is the ‘Child Policy’ which the hotel displays on its website as ‘Wildflower Hall is not suitable for children below 12 years of age. The hotel is located in mountainous terrain which could be unsafe for young children. We, therefore, do not accept reservations for families travelling with children below 12 years.’

The hotel has been pursuing this policy for over a year and anybody with a child seeking a booking at Wildflower Hall, even at a late hour is sent to Hotel Cecil, another Oberoi property in mid town.

When contact, Vikas Sharma, hotel manager Wildflower Hall first denied that the children were allowed to stay at the hotel and only Robert and Priyanka Vadra were permitted but later retracted and said that there was a security cover in the hotel and he is not aware of what the arrangement were.

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