HP Police To Put Out FIR’s Online

To ensure transparency in police functioning, the Himachal police intends to put out all the first information reports (FIR) registered on a day online from all the police posts which have been linked through computerization.

Continuing with the computerization drive, Kamal Kumar, IG headquarters said that after providing people with the facility of getting their FIR registered through emails, the state police would now make all cases registered on a given day available online over the police portal. “We will do so after soliciting legal opinion on the matter,” he said. Presently 40 police stations have been computer linked through internet, he added.

Speaking on the occasion of police week Kumar said that a code of conduct was being issued to all police personnel for discharging their duties. “The new police act has empowered the police with some magisterial powers of compounding some offences, which will help in better policing, he said.

In response to a question about increasing number of criminals escaping from police custody, Kumar said, lack of sufficient available manpower was responsible for it. “As a preventive measure we intend to establishing a daily conferencing system with the courts whenever trial hearing of dangerous criminals are held,” he said.

He claimed that there were no human right violation cases against any police personnel in Himachal, nor have their been any case of custodial death. The state has a police strength of about 13,000 and has a shortfall of about 3000 personnel, the recruitment for which in under process, he disclosed.

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  1. says: RKS Himachali

    There are a few people in our state who are really concerned about better and transparent governance, so are coming out with such nice reforms. I salute all of them for their honest efforts.
    Himachalies will lead a better life if the majority of people in public positions justify their duty instead of enjoying just ‘nuisance power’ over the people, who actually finance their salaries and perquisites.

  2. says: Chetan

    A special thanks to all makers of this site. I m a simple person and i want to ask something,when crime happens and why?,do criminals have no afraid of indian law,do they want to get something in shortcut or our planet is becoming more selfish,’i think the reason is that people have less patience now days due to their difficult life of making money,all tensions r making their mind corrupt and changing their mind towards crime and another thing is that long judicial process and no or (less) faith in police , indian law, judgement,is also a strong reason of rising crime. Crime rate can be low if police wins the hearts of people,then people will start to trust police ,nd that’ll heal a lot, i req. there must be a discussion form in this site.

  3. says: sukhvinder singh sangra

    i am sukhwinder singh ,i have sangra complex near red light signal bus stand una.i am residing in mohalla galua. last night at 9pm i was at my shop in sangra complex and one man named salil and run a business of electronics with firm name shri ram enterprizes who reside at ward no.9 bagmata mohalla in bassi wali gali near dr. goyal’s house. and he had came to my shop with other person and told me give your cash .i had 65700 rupees that time he looted all the cash and hit me badly.he also threat me if i told any one or lodge fir ,then he will kill me,he also had some weapon with him. pls lodge my fir.

      1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

        Avnish Ji,

        I was amazed to see FIR lodged with this web site ..Lols !

        Anyhow, slowly and slowly hum honge kamyab..Mr. Avnish, i like your attitude for rightful information !

        1. says: Avnish Katoch

          And I want you to start doing things rather than commenting and commending.

          I am waiting to hear about your plan to do the things. My email is listed here and on myhimachal.com website.

          1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

            if i stopped commenting, you’ll get bored..lols

            Ok i send you few things, have a look at them and publish with pics.

  4. says: Anil Chandel

    Although this post is about 3 years old, renewed interest in it now, alongwith latest responses, highlights the public appreciation for such services and in many cases continued frustration over the way Himachal Police conducts its business in the state.

    Recently, I happened to look for the Complaints filed with Ghumarwin Police Station (Ghumarwin is a sub-division of District Bilaspur).

    The Ghumarwin PS was put online sometime in 2006 and its been about 4 years since, and yet, in the last 3 years, only 5-8 complaints/year were submitted using the Himachal Police’s Online Complaint System.

    Also, I was not able to retrieve any recent FIR information either, and this is in the last 1 month or so.

    Complaints that are not filed online, are not available for even the status check online. Basically, if I filed a complaint by visiting a Police Station, I won’t be able to get the status online!!!

    This is yet another example of “mediocre” implementation of Information Technology in Himachal. Someone took the phrase “Online Complaint System” too literally and forgot to do process review/re-engineering before implementing technology to maximize the benefits of such an investment.

    It is true that the local police has become much more responsive in the recent years, but the apathy of police personnel (read: human factors) trumps the technological advancements that are implemented by the Police.

    The number of online complaints for Ghumarwin Police Station, year after year in the last 3 years indicates the level of awareness about such services amongst local public although the level of access to Internet is much higher in the area.

    I wonder, if the claims of huge successes of such Information Technology implementations by Himachal govt, are even worth the “proverbial paper” that these are written on?

  5. I go to gagret ps to character and preverification certificate,the service gaves fastest information and made my certificate with gram serpanch written verification with in 2 hours on (8_03_2010),then i submitted it to sdm office,next day.so,the service so quick and so good. Shakti singh jaswal s/o krishan chand jaswal vpo -badoh teh amb distt una hp

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