Dalai Lama for inner peace

Tibetan spiritual leader and political head, Dalai Lama has said that it was impossible to achieve the peace unless you have hatred, suspicion and fear in your mind. He said,” Achieving global peace must begin with each person attaining an inner peace first”.

Addressing audience at Cornell University, he said,” Taking care of others is the best guarantee for your own happy future,” said the Tibetan leader.

As part of his visit, the Dalai Lama had a sold-out appearance scheduled Wednesday at Ithaca College , where he was to lecture on “Eight Verses for Training the Mind.”

Earlier, the Dalai Lama arrived in Ithaca today by a chartered flight from New York on the first leg of a three-week visit to North America.

During the two-day stay here, he will bless the state for Du Khor Cho Ling Tibetan Buddhist Studies Center of Namgyal Monastery.

He will give a public talk at the Cornell University , and address an inter-faith service and give a Buddhist teaching.

Dalai Lama told listeners that his talk would be informal, “sometimes formality itself creates bad air,” he said. At times, he emitted a deep, booming laugh as he reacted to his own quips; other times his voice rose to a high pitch as he sought to emphasize his words.

“Genuine peace must come through inner peace …” he said, according to a spokesman of the Tibetan government in Dharmshala today. “Many unnecessary problems we are facing today are because of my generation’s mistakes and negligence.”

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  1. says: willard miner

    A resident at Alterra assisted -living in Ithaca. I am a 93 year old “astronaut” on this beautiful God given space ship of ours, “Earth”. We americans , qiuck to say “ours”,as is our want , in the way we think of ourselves around this glorious globe.
    But the arrogancee of the present Bush administration shows so clearly . That a worldly attitude of superioriy, backed by shock and awe – rather than love and
    understanding – gets us only hate, death and destruction.
    The Holy Spirit governing all man and nature . is losing patience. Ar’n’t YOU?.

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