Governor inaugurates Thangka painting school

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Kullu: V.S. Kokje, HP Governor participated in Bhoomi Poojan and ‘Sthapana’ of “Lord Buddha Idol” and inauguration of Thangka Paintings School at Dechen Chockher Mahavihara at Sharabai near Bhunter in Kullu District.

Kokje informed in his address that Buddha stressed on Noble Truths and added that he realized that there were sufferings in the world and it was common to all and no one could escape of it. He said that Buddha also realized that desire was cause of suffering. To end the suffering, one must cut off greed and ignorance, he added. He said that Buddha emphasized that extinction of desire was Nirvana, the everlasting State of joy and peace.

He said that according to Buddha,’Forth Nobal Truth is that the path to end suffering was the Eight-fold path or the middle way consisting of the Right view, Right thought, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right livelihood, Right efforts, Right mindfulness and Right concentration. The opening of Thanka Painting School would go a long way to preserve rich cultural heritage of Buddhist community, he added.

Later, Governor also visited an old and new Thanka Painting Exhibition organized on the occasion by the Monastery.

Governor also visited Reorich Art Gallery at Naggar.

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