Gugga Mari fair begins

SOLAN: The four-day historical fair of Gugga Mari began at Subathu today. The fair was known for brotherhood in different communities. It was celebrated annually near the historical shrine of Gugga Pir.The shrine was itself a mark of brotherhood where different communities’ people from far flung area of North India gathered to pay their obeisance in Gugga shrine during fair.

The shrine was set up in mid 19th century, by a Balmiki devotee. During celebrations of fair the caste and creed were taken back seat with Brahmins and Dalits could be seen mingled with each others. Those having faith in power of Gugga Pir thronged fair to take blessing. The flag pole of the deity called ‘Nishan’ bears a replica of “Tazia” of the Muslims and coconuts an important component of Hindu customs.

As per a folklore associated with fair, the Chattar a Balmiki, after having been convinced of the supernatural powers of Gugga Pir in the early period of the British Raj, laid the foundation stone of the shrine. To select the most suitable place for shrine, Chhatar tied a brick with red string round the neck of a he-goat and let it loose in the town.

It was decided between locals that shrine would be constructed at the place where the animal lied down for rest in a particular posture. The shrine’s present location was the very place “indicated” by the goat. EOM

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