Himachal CM for moral values in Schools

schools.JPGVirbhadra Singh, Chief Minister, advised the state education department to incorporate moral values into the educational curriculum, groom them in a disciplined way, patriotism, nationalism, helping underprivileged sections of the society and promote national integration in the right perspective.He was addressing the students, teachers and parents of Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Lalpani, here today, after he laid the foundation stone of the science laboratory to be constructed at a cost of Rs. 60 lakh and announced upgradation of the school to be known as Government Boys Model Senior Secondary School for which necessary infrastructural facilities were being created. He said that the school had the glorious past and a long history since its formation way back in 1848 producing a number of students who had excelled in all directions in their lives.

Chief Minister said teachers needed to discharge their responsibility with committed devotion to build the strong foundation of the future citizens of the country.

He said that discipline was the most vital ingredient for achieving any success and the same needed to be taught to the students besides moral values which could be instrumental in their overall development.

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  1. says: sirmauri

    Incorporate moral values into the educational curriculum with live example from the Administrators,leaders,(including favorite Party and teacher union,student union leaders ?????) and ofcourse teachers can really make a difference. Becuase be it a student or a normal man will always emulate men onthe top!

  2. says: Rivesh

    Adding the concepts of moral values in curriculum has no meaning unless sufficient examples are set in the society and foolproof mechanism is devised to keep these values at the highest esteem.
    Preaching things are easy but inculcating it in the society is a gradual process. In a system where every corner of the society is highly influenced by the politics-beurocratic nexus, the moral values adopted by this nexus has a direct impact on the society.
    Sycophancy and resultant favors has developed a new culture in Himachal Padesh where talks related to morality looks ridiculous if done by these sections. It is easy to befool literates/illiterates but very difficult to educated class who has enough power to analyze things.

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