Dhumal raise questions on the ‘accident’ of Sandeep Kaushik

NAHAN: Former Chief Minister, Member Parliament and senior BJP leader Mr Prem Kumar Dhumal today addressed three public meetings in Paonta Sub Division and raised several questions on the accident of party leader and former Additional Advocate General Sandeep Kaushik.

Addressing largely attended public meetings at Johron, Kundion and Kansar Mr Dhumal smelled some conspiracy behind the accident of Sandeep Kaushik. He surprisingly stated that even after two days of accident police had failed to trace the person responsible for the ‘killer episode’ in which Sandeep lost his life and his wife and son were critically injured. He said that in the state every body knows that Kaushik was instrumental in bringing ‘big sharks’ and ‘influential law defaulters’ to books through Public Interest Litigations in the state.

Former Chief Minister ragged Congress on the issue of Ram Setu and demanded resignation of concerned Union minister whom he held responsible for filing such an affidavit in the Supreme Court in which the existence of Lord Rama, validity of Ramayana and Ram – Rawana Lanka was were denied.

Dhumal charged that Union government was time and again trying to disturb communal harmony in the country and always making efforts to please a section of society as a part of its vote politics by insulting Hindus. He announced that in coming elections, BJP would appeal countrymen to give firm reply through ballot to the Congress which had done an unforgivable sin by saying ‘Rama never came on the earth and Ramayana and Ram Katha was not authentic’.

Mr Dhumal criticized state Congress government for ‘patronizing corrupt and corruption and giving a big boost to Bhai Bhatizawad in providing jobs in the state’. He said that people of the state were ready to repeat what they have done in Hamirpur Parliamentary elections to completely wipe out the ‘Corrupt Congress’ from the state.

He charged that development activities in the state had been on a halt since past four and half years and present government was concentrating on laying foundation stones only. He in detail described ‘governments failure on every front’ including dealing with the industrial package given to the state by the then Prime Minister Aatal Bihari Vajpayee, power projects, failing to provide job to one person of every family and several other burning issues.

He alleged that rising prices had been a big issue which had hit hard poor persons in the country. He charged that due to corruption on the every level in the Congress and ‘protection to hoarders and multinationals’ the pries had been out of control in the country. Paonta BJP MLA Sukh Ram Chaudhri also addressed public meetings.

Mr Dhumal also dedicated Community Hall at Kundion village to the local people. Over two hundred persons announced joining BJP by resigning from Congress in his public meetings. The public meetings which lasted till late evening were organized by Sukh Ram Chaudhri, party MLA from Paonta Doon and Paonta BJP Mandal. Former CM was given grand welcome at over twenty places by the local residents of Paonta valley.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    Now anything is possible in Himachal. The politics has gone to the levels of Bihar and U.P.
    Once known as the land of God has now developed a new culture of sycophancy, political patronage and corruption. Now, no party can resist this impact as the power brokers has imbibed these traits. The dent is so big that it requires an exceptional leader with sufficient courage to get Himachal out of this vicious circle.
    Law and order is taking rest with its custodians. Rules are only for common man. Influential person can beat up even police persons on duty. If someone helps accident victims, they are beaten up by the police as done recently in Kinnaur. Rape victims are not allowed to register even a case. {“Bid to Save SHO in Rape Case. Mandi ex-SP earns High Court ire” (The Tribune Sep. 18, 2007 edition)}. Such examples are uncountable. Thanks to the Judicial system and courageous journalism which is exposing the system.

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