2006 My Himachal Health Camp Video

2007 Health mela is already over and we will do it again in 2008 with your kind help!

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch


    Excellent! Thank you for kind and hard work!

    Every one need to come together and work as a TEAM, I would request to those who are still thinking to join My Himachal to act now and be part of this noble cause as we are here and we are here to deliver and we are fully committed.

  2. says: Des Kashyap

    Hats off to you Payson. I do not have words to thank you and the entire team involved in these health mela for the efforts this team has been putting in providing health care and awareness to the locals specially in a place where I come from. I would request all those still making up there minds to come forward and be a part of this team and MyHimachal.

  3. says: Ravinder Makhaik

    Its an initiative, more rewarding than the highest award one may get in life.

    The mountain folks in Tirthan and Jiba valley of Kullu are some of the simplest people one will come across in Himachal Pradesh.

    Its good to see that there are people and organizations who inject health awareness among these villagers.

    Having traveled, trekked and camped in this region in the Autumn of 2003, I can empathize with the health, good education and livelihood needs of these villages scattered at varying altitudes.

    Payson, keep up the good work. More initiatives will follow.

  4. says: Mehul

    Your organization is doing fantastic work! It is very inspiring to see that a difference can be made to the lives of those who live even in the most remote areas. Keep it going!

  5. Thanks a lot for your excellent work. it was nice to see people from different parts of the world working together for a common motive, providing health care and awareness.

    I would request all the readers to be a part of the TEAM, myHimachal.

    Great work, Mr.Payson


  6. says: RKS Himachali

    Full appreciations to such efforts!
    Basic rural health care needs to be strengthened in Himachal. Standing first or second in the country on the basis of highest averages of different variables has no meaning if we have urban biased health infrastructure. The plight of basic health care and education is almost similar in all rural areas of Himachal. Government must at least make provision of these basic amenities in every corner of the state, which has a very small inhabited geographical area.

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