Another unit looted in Baddi

BADDI: Close on the heels of late night robbery in a Baddi based unit on September 16, the masked robbers again struck in a unit at Jharmajri near Baddi past midnight. The robbers reported to be over dozen have taken 25.50 quintal copper valued over Rs. 11-lakh, a Tata sky dish, 2 mobiles and Rs. 32000 cash from Rajni Ganda Cable Private Limited. The robbers were also believed to take away the 10 big iron drums amounted to Rs. 25,000.

As per information available, the robbers performed the robbery in a pure Bollywood masala movie style. First at around 1 am the two-three robbers entered the security room of unit where they overpowered the security man. They tied the both hands and legs of security man besides putting cloth in his mouth. After this was done, another group of seven and eight men entered the unit and approached towards a room where four workers of unit including a cook were sleeping.

First they overpowered Shambu Pal the cook and tied his hands and legs. He was dumped in security room along with security man. After that the other three workers were given same treatment. The robbers used the bed sheet of workers to tie them all.

Then appeared another group that started searching for keys of store room and other rooms. At this moment a vehicle entered the unit that was used to carry the copper wires and other goods. Before to leave the unit the robbers also pulled out the petrol pipe of a motorcycle in a bid to annul any chance of chasing them down.

After robbers’ departure, the Shambu Pal somehow managed to release himself. He also untied the others. He made a call to owner of unit based at New Delhi from an adjoining pharma unit. Mr. Manik Chand the manager of unit who was also in New Delhi called up his friend, Mr. Arum who was also running a unit. Mr. Arun informed the police about matter.

Acting swiftly the police sealed all outer routes from area. However no clue so far has got by police about robbery. However the police have taken two suspected person in custody for questioning.

On the other hand the robbery has panicked the Baddi belt industrial fraternity. It was the third of its kind incidents in Baddi belt. Before September 16 night the robbers’ gang has looted a unit during midnight near Nalagarh few days back.

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