Community radio services for remote valleys of Himachal sought

dprsep19.JPGFor providing access to public information in remote, inaccessible and high altitude regions of the state, the government has asked the centre to set up community radio stations so as to ensure fast and equitable communication.

Speaking at the Information and Broadcasting Ministers’ Conference at New Delhi, Dinesh Malhotra, director, Information and Public Relations said that traditional media like newspapers, magazines, television channels have limited reach due to difficult geographical and topographical conditions of the state.

He said high altitude tribal areas of Pangi and much of the Lahaul & Spiti district remain cut off from rest of world for six months in a year and community stations could play pivotal role in emotional unity of the people.

Seeking setting up of community radio stations for different communities and regions, Mahlotra said, so as to cater to local needs use of local dialects and native language, is much more effective than the present system of communication. Besides information, educational needs and effective communication in these sensitive border areas could be achieved through this mode.

Talking about newspapers and news magazines, he said that their circulation had increased manifold because of the high literacy rate. Media was playing a constructive role in strengthening emotional unity of the people, highlighting developmental and welfare schemes as well as creating general awareness helping the people to cooperate with the implementing agencies.

Malhotra sought an increase in news time for All India Radio, Shimla AIR and Doordarshan television. “Both the mediums were playing a important role in providing instant information and more time needs to be allotted so that coverage of developmental, cultural and literary news items is done,” said Mahlotra. He said that news bulletins of AIR and Doordarshan had wide reach in all parts of the state and were the fastest medium of communication to the government as well as people of the state. He also sought strengthening of the transmission system of radio and Doordarshan network in the state.

The director asked for starting the centrally sponsored schemes under which DTH receivers sets are to be given in the border belts so that reach of the government media gets to these remote areas.

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