Govt attempted to stifle opposition voice – Dhiman

Ishwar Dass Dhiman, leader of the opposition lashed out at the congress governments attempt to throttle the voice of the opposition.

“Better sense prevailed upon the government and it realized its mistake. None the less our demand for discussions on an audio CD made public by former congressman Vijay Singh Mankotia, the birthday bash of GS Bali and the loss to lives and properties in the recent rains stands where it was yesterday” said Dhiman.”

Talking to the media persons in the opposition lounge he said that the opposition by protesting in the well of the house were well within their rights as the government was trying to avoid a discussion on the issue.

State BJP chief Jai Ram Thakur who was also present said the release of an audio CD against the chief minister and his wife and the Bali episode were very serious issues which the BJP wanted to raise in the house. “The Congress cannot stop us from raising these issues outside the house and they will be raised during the assembly elections as well,” he said.

Dhiman also said that against a mandatory 35 sessions of the house in a year, the government was not prepared to face the opposition as despite the short three day monsoon session would only add up to 24 sessions for the current year.

He alleged that the government was found lacking in providing relief to flood and rain damage victims. “Some families in lower areas whose kin had died in the natural calamity had not received any relief so far,” said Dhiman.

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