No proposal to create new districts in Himachal

As per a news item published in a section of the press reporting that Two more districts would be created in the State, an official spokesman has refuted the news as false and fabricated. He said that there was no such proposal at all and the news item was absolutely baseless and nothing more than a conjecture. It is a crude attempt to make mountain of a molehill.

The spokesman said that Government receives a large number of requests from general public and public representatives for creation of new Patwar Circles, Tehsils, Sub Divisions etc. and even new Districts, which are processed in a normal course and got examined by the concerned departments. The exercise is undertaken to honour public sentiments and ascertain the justification and feasibility of the case. This does not in any way implies that there is a proposal underway to that effect.

The spokesman said that the Government received a public representation from Nagar Panchayat Dehra in February,2007 pleading creation of new district for Dehra besides other demands. This request was sent to the Revenue Department to be examined at their level, which is the routine practice in such matters. This does not means that there is a proposal of creating new district for Dehra. He further said that it was absolutely baseless that the Government has sought revenue record of Rampur Sub Division for making it a District. The name of Rampur has been deliberately mentioned in the news item to create sensationalization.

He said that there was no proposal for creating more districts in the State and the news report in this regard was totally false.

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