Air India launching state name campaign on new aircrafts

With Air India launching the state name campaign on new aircrafts, it is high time Himachal government jumps for this opportunity.

Air India is going to name its new fleet of Boeing-777 after various states, it would also let states to showcase their tourism destinations, crafts, arts, food, heritage and history.

A documentary film showcasing states potential will also be screened on every flight. Every seat pocket would also carry promotional material belonging to the state. Beside all this an announcement related to major destination in the state would also be made and five main photos would be displayed on every flight.

This move of Air India is considered as one of the major history maker only after they introduced Maharaja as mascot.

Himachal being major tourism destination and Dharamsala being major destination due to Dalai Lama, this campaign would help Himachal in major way to achieve much needed recognition. As Himachal is still considered just the home of Dalai Lama by western world, rather than a picturesque and best tourism potential state in India. Time will show how active state government officials are for a fund starved and debt ridden state to experiment with new ideas and make use of newer technologies and ways to generate more revenue.

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