72 portraits of His Holiness The Dalai Lama with blood

ya1.jpgDharamshala: For the 11 years he is shedding his blood for peace. Dr. Mahesh Yadav has nothing to gain from Tibetan race, but feels the pain these homeless people have to bear since decades. It was the Celebrations on the birthday of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in Mcleodganj and Tibetans were enjoying to the inner core of their heart. Dignitaries from the whole world were present on this festival in hill town of Dhauladhar. But the devotion of Dr. Yadav was distinct in all the fanfare. He made 72 portraits of Dalai Lama with his own red hot blood in the main temple.

He also presented such big portrait to His Holiness himself. This blood game is the part of Dr. Mahesh’s protest against Chinese inhuman politics toward mankind. 11 years ago he felt the pain of this race and decided to give them a voice via his blood. After that he started a move by his own to give a different shade of their freedom struggle. Up to know Yadav has written hundreds of letters with the ink of his blood to various leaders of the world. The list includes the President of China and the Prime Minister of India.

However in this ritual of sacrifice Tibetan youth were not impressed. During the poster making session every eye praised the effort of Dr. Mahesh Yadav excluding Tibetan youth. Perhaps they were engaged in some other business at the hour, but Dr. Yadav and others were not happy to this practice. Old Thupta has lost every hope to see his motherland again said, our boys have lost the path of course. “They are found of money and do not want to suffer for the Freedom from China.”

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