renuka.jpgNAHAN: Hundreds of residents of Dadahu, a small town situated at a distance of 35 K.M. from here turned up to the Dadahu Referral Hospital last night to protest against the ‘carelessness and deplorable attitude’ of Doctors and other Para Medical staff of the hospital.

Trouble started at around 9.00 P.M. last night when some residents spread this message that a women injured in an accident was waiting for treatment for over three hours in the Hospital compound and was in serious condition. A mob of local residents led by President of Dadahu Panchayat Mr. Mahesh Aggarwal and Vice President Amit Kumar Bhardwaj entered the Hospital compound and Gharou the Hospital staff for more than two hours. The situation turned worse when people came to know that Doctor was absent and Para medical staff also did not attend patient Shayama Devi resident of village Chooli in Dadahu Sub Tehsil.

As per Panchayat representatives Shayama Devi got injured in an accident. She had a fracture in the great toe of the foot and injuries on the several parts of the body. Her injuries were bleeding even at the time of arrival of local residents. They alleged that she was brought at 6.00 PM in the Hospital for the treatment but was lying in the Hospital compound without getting any first aid even after three hours. Another lady patient was also waiting for her treatment for long time in the Hospital compound. Agitators did not allow Hospital staff to leave the premises and contacted higher officers of Medical Department and District Administration.

However Panchyat representative did not allow any person to misbehave or manhandle the Hospital staff. Smelling the seriousness of the situation S.D.M. Nahan Mr. Sumit Khimta, took an immediate action and asked Doctor and Naib Tehsildar Dadahu to rush to the Hospital immediately and resolve the public grievances. He also appealed the Panchayat representatives and other imminent residents of Dadahu who contacted him, to maintain peace at any cost. He also assured residents that the matter would be investigated. After getting the assurance of SDM people decided to end the two hour long gharou of the Hospital Staff.

Shyama Devi was admitted in the Hospital last night and was referred to Nahan district Hospital this morning. Mr. Amit Kumar Bhardwaj, Vice President of Dadahu Panchyat in a statement released today demanded high level inquiry in to the incident and strict action against the erring doctors and Para Medical staff. He has appealed Chief Minister of the State to take immediate step to improve the pathetic condition of the Referral Hospital and post more doctors and other staff in the Hospital as per sanctioned strength.

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  1. says: surjit tarafdar

    How long is the Dadahu hospital gherau….news supposed to remain on the net.I have worked in Dadahu as M.O.and I am sure there are many nice things about the place that the world needs to know.I am now overseas and do you people understand that if that is the only news about a place you keep for more than a month,the world thinks that is all that happens there.People browse the net all over the world,please try to understand this.

  2. says: S R Pundir

    Dear Reader, I can well understand your pain and concern. No doubt Dadahu have many good things which you still remember after having stayed for few years or months there. But we must understand that not serving humanity honestly and efficiently even after getting heavy salary for providing such services is unforbidable sin, committed in any part of the world. Such things must be highlighted with full force on every platform. We should not paint rosy picture of any area or country for any reason, but becoming a realistic person or country is the need of the hour. We are and will continue highlighting good things of Dev Bhoomi Himachal.

  3. Hello……..Dr. Do you rember me………..
    We have many posts regarding this place & we keep all the posts for ever when posted.  Just have a look you will find many things about Dadahu and Sh. Renuka Ji.
    My best Regards

    we miss you……………….and yes this hospital is in real bad condition.

  4. says: Ravinder Makhaik

    @ Surjit Tarafdar

    Your concern is genuine, but let the truth prevail.

    Brushing the dirt under the carpet does not help.

    In a traditional newspaper, the matter is highlighted for a day or a week at the most, but this is the media of the future, where maintaining a record of event becomes a ready reference, which people across the world can excess.

    You have some nice memories of Dadahu and you cherish them, but incidents like this disturb the peace.

  5. says: surjit tarafdar

    I guess you gentlemen have a point.I stayed in Dadahu for about 6 years and looking back,all of my family thinks that it was one of the nicest periods of our lives.And yes Sanjeev,how can I forget you.

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