Samrat Shankar Proposes to open magic academy in Himachal

World renowned magician Jadugar Samrat Shankar has announced to open a magic academy in Himachal Pradesh to impart training in this ‘fine art’ to the promising youths of this country.

Speaking at a press conference here today Samrat Shankar disclosed that he has discussed this proposal with the top ranked political leaders and officials of Himachal Pradesh government. He added that very shortly he was going to submit a proposal in this regard to the government for granting two to five acre of land for the academy

Samrat Shankar said that from the very beginning he was demanding that for the promotion of this superb art, it may be declared as a fine art in the country. He added that government should scrap entertainment tax on the magic shows in the country immediately.

He stressed that government should also give loans and aid for the promotion of this art so that new budding magicians of this country who had promising future ahead may not collapse in the absence of financial crunch. He added that in the foreign countries governments were extending full financial and moral support for this art in their countries. He quoted the government of USA had given a grant of crores of rupees to the famous magician of their country Devid Coper field who had brought laurels to the America in this field. In the absence of full government support ‘as a fine art’ magicians of the country can not rise speedily on the world scene.

Samrat Shankar made it clear that in the present era of T.V. and internet, holding magic shows in the different part of the country was no more a profitable business but in fact his motto was to carry message of Indian Magic door to door in the country and tell countrymen that they should always watch such shows as a fine art of Indian

He thanked Himachal government for declaring magic shows in the state as entertainment tax free shows. He will show his magic tricks in the Basant theatre in Nahan town for the next 15 fifteen days and would donate a good part of his income to the Sirmour Red Cross Society. Magic shows would be inaugurated by the D.C. Sirmour tomorrow evening. In the Tuesday morning he will drive motorcycle in the busy market of the town by tiding a cloth on his eyes. He would also show some newly developed magic tricks.

Samrat Shankar said that he had hold his magic shows in more than seven foreign countries which won high appreciation in the foreign media also.

Working as district correspondent with The Tribune & Danik Tribune in Sirmour.

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  1. says: Bhante Ratna

    it would be very wonderful for this country young man to learn the magic, it is a finest art amongst one of the arts.
    I would say in my comments or on my opinion that there should be an academy for shankar samrat in this country
    Bhante Ratna

  2. says: aman vashist

    i want to know about how can i learn more magic? i have too much intrust in magic. i know little more magic. if i want to learn more magic you can help me? i shall be thankful for this act.

  3. says: kunwar jagmohan singh

    subject : land for magic academy in Himachal

    Dear Sir
    This has ref of news published in the tribune dt 3rd june 2011 on the page 9
    I am glad to know that renowned magician is interested to set up academy in Himachal pradesh
    A piece of land approx 42 Bigha’s just 2.5 km from nahan city is very suitable to set up such type of academy is available for sale
    Nahan a princely town situated in shivalik hills at the height of 3100 Ft above sea level and is abt 80 km from chandigarh
    for more details please contact me on my mail id [email protected]
    thank you
    kunwar jagmohan singh

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