Party High Command protected the Corrupt in Himachal: Major Mankotia

HAMIRPUR: Suspended Congress leader and former Minister, Major Vijay Singh Mankotia has lambasted the party high command for protecting the corrupt and throwing those out of party who raised their voice in support of the party ideals.

Talking to reporters about his suspension from the party, he said that rather taking action against Mr. Virbhdra Singh and his wife Ms. Pratiba Singh, who were proved beyond doubt in the C.D released to media yesterday that they were involved in corrupt practices, the Congress High Command in has decided to suspend him from the party for the issue raised by him.

Describing it as most unfortunate, Mr. Mankotia said that those who raised the voice against corrupt leaders in the party and

supported the Nehru and Gandhi ideology and principles have been made the targets for such public cause. He said that it was now for the people of not only of this state but for the people of the country to pass their judgment on this decision of the Congress High Command.

He said that he would continue his anti corruption tirade and was hopeful that it would yield favorable results for him and the people of the state.

Mankotia said that he would come out with another CD in coming days so that the nexus operating in the office of the chief minister was fully exposed. He said that he was not disturbed with his disclosures and would continue to raise such issues in the pubic to save the Indian polity from being polluted.

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