Himachal Governor stresses to assess physical and financial gaps between needs and resources available for development

guv23.jpgV.S. Kokje, Governor inaugurated an Orientation Training Programme for newly promoted Indian Audit & Accounts Service Officers organized by National Academy of Audit and Accounts.

Kokje stressed to assess the physical and financial gaps between needs and resources available for the development and create awareness of the cost of inefficiency among beneficiaries and providers of social and productive services. He said that Auditors should also scrutinize various policy decisions, keeping in view the beneficiaries interest and priorities, particularly of rural poor so that effectiveness and efficacy of developmental programmes could be increased.

Governor said that Auditors should bear the responsibilities of evaluating Government’s adequacy in terms of management, performance and results including evaluation of operations in terms of economy, efficiency, effectiveness and impact. They should also suggest improvements in areas where they find Government lagging behind and should assess the impact of an organization, non-financial objectives by monitoring its performance systematically and regularly.

He said that Auditors could play a vital role to provide protection against fraud, early warning of future problems and a general re-assurance of adequacy and transparency of financial management system of the Government.

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