Himachal Governor called on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


V.S. Kokje , Governor called on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, Art of Living Foundation to seek his blessings at Kullu today.

He also participated in the Yog Sadhana Shivir being held by the Foundation from 3rd to 6th May, 2007 at Kullu.

He welcomed Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to Himachal Pradesh and said that the State was known as ‘Land of Gods’ and lakhs of devotees visited various religious shrines in the State every year. He said that holding of such camps would go a long way in promoting religious tourism as well.

Governor said that Yoga played a significant role in improving the quality of life by keeping individuals mentally and physically healthy. He said that there was a great need to practice Yoga in our daily lives to stay away from stress, as the contemporary times were highly competitive. He said that spiritualism could lead the people on the path of truth and peace and could provide solutions to modern day problems.

He said that Art of Living Foundation was doing a commendable job in this direction besides other social causes and hoped that devotees would be immensely benefited by the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar during the camp.

Some more pictures from Kullu valley via Yash Raj Sharma

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  1. says: Tribune

    Kullu experiences spiritual bliss
    Thousands made a beeline to Dhalpur Maidan to seek blessings from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
    Kuldeep Chauhan

    Tribune photoThe historic Dhalpur Maidan, venue of world-renowned Kullu Dasehra was in a state of spiritual euphoria last week. The guru-founder of Art of Living (AOL), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar cast his magic spell on followers, including politicians and dignitaries from the state.

    Followers witnessed a rare oracle session of 20 devtas, who were in Kullu for the AOL session. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar got the blessings of devtas and said, “Oracles are not about myths, but they are scientific, and it is a deep topic of research.”

    As many, as 6000 people attended the spiritual Shivir. Over 900 people were a part of the advanced state chapter of AOL. The bhajans sung by Hema Sardesai, who is also an AOL follower made the spiritual session all the more unforgettable.

    For Khullar family based in Baragrah, it was a blessing when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, accompanied by his younger sister Bhanudidi and Hema Sardesai, and 150 others followers made way to their farmhouse to enjoy the beauty of the valley of gods. The spiritual guru said, “I have not seen a more beautiful view of snow peaks and gliding valley than this.”

    Khullars are not the only ones who have been attracted to AOL; hundred others have been a part of these spiritual sessions. AOL’s state coordinator, Bhawani Singh Thakur said, “AOL was not known much in Kullu, but now over 8000 people have attended the Dhayan shivir and have become its practitioners.” Vastrika, Sudrashan Kriya and breathing exercises that are a part of the session de-stress the pent-up feelings and emotions, and lend positive energy to the mind and body.

  2. says: rajesh kundi

    experience of being with Sri Sri was wonderful at kullu.
    valley of Gods alongwith local Dieties even thanked Guruji for Guruji”s visit

  3. says: pushpinder thakur

    Kullu witnessed a great event in presence of Sri Sri and the place became a pilgrimage.

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