Himachal bye elections-battle of stars

prem_kumar_dhumal.jpgvbsingh.JPGShimla : No matter who fights the Hamirpur Loksabha Election, its all Dhumal and Virbhadra game, which is scheduled to be held on the second day of June. At present both Congress and BJP are not ready to show their cards, but its crystal clear that two top most leaders of these parties are the real warriors in this battlefield of Hamirpur. Neither Congress nor BJP has fileded any name for the election by yet and both want to be second to do so. That is because, its too big of a game to loose. But if popularity is taken into account, then Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal, a native, is far ahead than any other saffron monarch. Not only he is former Chief minister, but also a mass leader of his calculated moves in active politics. Presently he is the mightiest BJP star. Being very popular, its clear that BJP will get whole hearted support in his name. May it be Satpal Satti, JP Nadda or Anurag Thakur, they all are mere faces. In reality the credibility of Dhumal is on stack. If BJP comes victorious out of this mess, he will prove forever that Dhumal is the trump card of the party.

On the other hand, Congress has lost Hamirpur in last three battles. Keeping in view the Suresh Chandel scandal, Congress is all set to change the story this time. But pity is that the Congress has no strong star to block Dhumal tsunami on local ground. One man in the party, who can make the difference is Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, but he himself does not want to come to Hamirpur. Moreover Forest Minister Ram Lal and Mukesh Agnihotry are in the fray.

Since last three Loksabha Elections, Hamirpur has been the Eden Garden of BJP, as it got victory all the times. In 1999 Suresh Chandel of BJP got success over Ram Lal Thakur by 129247 votes, but story was no so sweet in 2004. This time Thakur gave neck to neck fight and Chadel got a narrow escape by 1677 votes. Now as Suresh Chandel is out due to money for question scandal, political minds are of the opinion that this time the story of 2004 may be repeated. It means that Hamirpur is going to offer some real tough time for both the parties, exactly before the assembly poll, proposed in Jan. 2008. Anyhow, there is no doubt regarding the real heroes of this big event…..yes! Prem Kumar Dhumal and Virbhadra Singh.

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