Himachal cabinet’s new approvals

To sell 233 liquor vends to the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. Reduction on Value Added Tax (VAT) on liquor from existing 20 percent to 4 percent.

Fertilizer Policy for the year 2007-08 to provide subsidized fertilizer to the farmers subject to three bags per farmer per season.

Reduction of Stamp Duty from existing 8 percent to 5 percent on conveyance, gift deeds and mortgage.

It approved the Himachal Pradesh Private Clinical Establishment Registration and Regulation Bill-2007, aimed at ensuring minimum basic standards to be maintained by the private clinical establishments in the state.

It approved Government Guarantee to raise Non SLR Bonds of Rs. 117 crore as HP State Electricity Board Equity in the Sawra Kuddu Hydro Electric Power Project in district Shimla.

Sanction to creation and upgradation of 94 posts of different categories in different departments:

75 posts of Senior Assistants to Superintendent Grade-II in all the Block Medical Offices in the Health and Family Welfare Department,

12 posts of Senior Assistants upgraded to Superintendent Grade-II in Animal Husbandry Department,
2 posts of Superintendent Engineer for World Bank and Quality Assurance in the HP Public Works Department,
3 posts of Superintendent Grade-II upgraded to Grade-I with one post of Private Secretary in the Ayurveda Department,
1 post of Principal (School cadre) for DAV Senior Secondary School with the DAV College, Daulatpur Chowk, recently taken over by the State Government.

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  1. says: Thakur Manish Singh

    Dear Concerned ,

    As center Govt. is going to extend the retirement age from 60 to 62, where as in himachal Pradesh retirement age is still 58. Why is this being happening??? Even in neighbouring states retirement age of Govt. Employes is 58……. On what criteria himachal is lagging behind??????????????????????

    Thanks & regards,

    Thakur Manish Sing

  2. says: NITYIN

    Asking HPTDC to operate liquor vends would be sucidal for this organisation financially. Firstly HPTDC is not meant to operate liquor vends. HIMFED had been operating liquor vends in past and that should had been continued. HPTDC cash flow will be severely locked now as you need hard cash to run this business.

    Secondly HPTDC will need to hire new people to run these vends and this will put more pressure on there balance sheets in term of salaries. Probably this has been the reason that HIMFED went into red and it is HPTDC’s turn next.

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