Dental health and awareness camp by My Himachal


Last month My Himachal’s Dr. Meena Patyal , Dental Surgeon from USA and her husband Mr. Tanbir Pathania traveled to India. In Himachal’s Kangra district they organized a dental health and awareness camp in village Lanoud high school in district Kangra.

The camp was conducted on 12th February, 2007 and it included educational and awareness lecture on the importance of maintaining good Oral hygiene, general dental check up of all 120 students from classes first to tenth and distribution of tooth paste and brushes to all the present students. Two other dental surgeons, Dr. Ashish Sadana, and Dr. Ravinder Sadana conducted the camp.100_1197.jpg

Colgate Palmolive provided material support (tooth pastes and brushes). Dr. Sadana and Dr. Mrs. Ravinder Sadana – private practitioners at Paprola along with Mr. Rahul Saxena of Lok Vigyan Kendra helped in organizing this effort.


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