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Terms of Reference – Winrock Consultancy

Winrock International seeks a consultant(s) to assist in data collection for its USAID Global Climate Change – Carbon Reporting Initiative.

The focus of the consultancy will be the following countries:

Mongolia, Jordan, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia
(countries may be added or deleted by Winrock)

Data will be required under the categories listed below. It is envisaged that data will be derived from forestry reports, the
literature, the local and national government agencies, and in some cases from discussions with logging concessionaires. No field work is anticipated as part of this effort and no extra resources are available for such activities.

A format for data presentation will be provided by Winrock International.

Progress reports will be required as updates of data collected.
Desired data:

Forest Management

Data by forest type, by location (province, country, other national administrative level, or even geographical coordinates), by extraction method (e.g. community forestry, reduced impact logging, large scale industrial logging etc.). We understand that data may not be available for all the items below; the order of the items in general represents the priority.

– Extraction rates
– Log size (length)
– Number of logs per tree
– Mean width of logging roads—main and secondary
– Size of concessions
– Mean area of annual harvest of concessions, country, etc.
– Minimum diameter of harvested trees
– Number of logging decks per area harvested
– Standing volume in cubic meters/ha if available
– Any additional comments on sites and/or data used for calculations

For each country we are interested in forest regulations and prevalent forest harvest practices.

Afforestation / Reforestation
Data by forest type, by location, by soil type

– Volume accumulation in plantations
– List of species planted
– Planting density
– Management practices—thinning, rotation length, etc.

Data by location, soil type

– Data on production, volume, biomass by commonly planted agroforest species
– Planting density
– Any allometric data encountered such as biomass of harvested trees of different sizes.

– Any data encountered on fire incidence in terms of area burned per year by country, forest type and/or region.

It is understood that not all the requested data will be readily available and not even relevant for some of the countries in a region. The consultant should focus on collecting a wide spectrum of data rather than being concerned about individual missing pieces.

Sanjeeva Pandey
Senior Advisor
Natural Resources Management
788, Udyog Vihar, Phase V
Gurgaon 122 001, Haryana
Tel: +91-124-430 3868
Fax: +91-124-430 3862
Email: [email protected]

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