Occupational Therapist volunteer

Occupational Therapist volunteer

We are setting up a child therapy programme for disabled village children – planning on a weekly therapy clinic in Jibhi (small, remote and beautiful Himalayan village) – part of Himachali NGO – Lady Willingdon Hosptial . We’d love a month or two of OT guidance in programme opening- project led by a Public health physician and local staf using the Werner book “Disabled Village Children” as our guide in the meantime. Are you keen. Please email Dr Kaaren Mathias [email protected]

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  1. says: Suresh Kumar

    I am an Occupational therapist from India with 4 years of experience in neurological rehabilitation and community health. I am interested to be a part of the project for the next 2 months as an OT volunteer since I am planning for my higher studies from january.

    I request you to provide the informations regarding the post of volunteer OT.

    Thanks and regards

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