Himachal released Rs.53.14 crore as drought relief

Shri Daljeet Dogra, Secretary, Revenue said here today that in order to deal with the drought like conditions prevailing in various parts of the State, the State Government had released a sum of Rs. 28.60 crores to the Deputy Commissioners of all the 12 districts to provide immediate help to the affected by providing gratuitous relief, transportation subsidy on drinking water and fodder, repair and restoration and employment generation programme.

He said that in addition to this, a sum of Rs. 24.54 crores had been released to the departments of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Food & Civil Supplies, PWD and I&PH. He said that these departments have been told to undertake various activities such as supply of seeds and other agricultural inputs to affected small and marginal farmers on subsidized rates, to provide pesticides and horticultural inputs on subsidized rates to the affected horticulturists, transportation subsidy on cattle feed under drought relief, repair and restoration of fish farms etc, repair and restoration of damaged works, installation of new hand pumps and their energization, transportation subsidy on drinking water and employment generation programme. Thus a total sum of Rs. 53.14 crore had been released to the Deputy Commissioners and various departments, he added.

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  1. says: Harcharan Dass

    My Excellency,

    I have a unique idea to express you that to get relief from drought like calamities our govt. and land owners/farmers should give a little share for the sake of all living/human beings welfare. If a person has 10 acre land he should spare atleast 1 or 2 acre for proper water storage near his fields, in case of availability of rain he can utilise his ponds for fishries (non-veg)and singhara (veg) and he can use this water properly and can help the other needy small neighbour farmers, it is possible and highly benefic in longterm. if a farmer/Govt. pay attent to built ponds as per area requirement for on year or two the forthcoming draught calamities can be easily tacked and waster for cattles and human beings may be available in plentyful quantum. this system will be very helping in any manners to the nation/society/farmers. Govt. may please give system a boost to look into this humble suggestion/idea. Thanks

    New Delhi.

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