Himachal’s Biggest Natural Lake Shri Renuka Ji, The Land of Lord Parshurama

Himachal’s biggest natural lake Renuka Ji is commonly recognized by its religious and cultural value but this place has something for everyone. Wild life Sanctuary, Lion safari, temple, rivers, boating, Ashrams, mountains & many more. Myth logically Renukaji, an incarnation of Goddess Durga, was the wife of Rishi Yamdagini. Parshuram believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was the yongest of the five sons of the couple. Once to obey the order of his father, parshuram had to serve, the head of his mother. After killing his mother, however, he begged his father to prejure life in his mother, for which the Rishi agreed. Renukaji was extremely beautiful. Sahastarvahu, the emperor wanted to marry her and once when Parshuram was away, he killed Rishi Yamdagini and his four sons to marry Renukaji. To escape the clutches of the emperor and unable to bear the grief of the death of her husband and four sons, Renukaji jumped into small pond known by the name of the Ramsarover at that time, and disappeared into it. Ever since the lake is worshiped as Renukaji Lake.

Renukaji Zoo is the oldest Zoo in Himachal Pradesh, Which was initially started during 1957 with rescued, stray and deserted wild animals from the forests.The first animal brought to the Zoo was a male spotted deer named Moti.The visit of Lt. Governor Hon’ble Raja Rajram Bahadur of Bhadari during this time saw the arranging of female chital for Moti.This laid the real foundation of Renuka Zoo.By and by more wild animals like Sambhar, Chinkara, Hogdeer, Black Buck etc. were introduced in the Zoo.All these animals started breeding and multiplying.To accommodate the increasing number of animals, idea of an open park was conceived and the open park was setup in 1983.Black Buck and Nilgai were brought from Pipli Zoo. A pair of Mithun, gifted to the Chief Minister by Sh. Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, in 1985, was brought from Arunachal Pradesh and another was brought from Nagaland during 1986.A pair of Lions was brought to Renuka Zoo from Zunagarh during 1975.The Lion was named Raja and the Lioness named Rani.Simultaneously an aviary was also setup during 1998-99.

Tourists can also enjoy a dip in nearby GIRI River, where with prior permission fishing can be done.

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  1. says: Anil R Mehta

    Dear Sanjeev
    You have done a good write up on Shri Renuka ji . I belong to the area called Chopal and right from my childhood to this date I been a frequent visitor to this beautiful unexplored lake of Himachal. Do you belong to this place? We are in process of finalizing few sites for outbound training programmes for multinationals. Can we have some site there where we can conduct our programmes and put a project rolling “plant a tree” . I find this valley beautiful but no trees…..

  2. says: Sanjeev

    Dear Mehta Ji,

    Yes, I belong to this place & we are working in this area since more then 8 years. You can come to this place for any programme & we will support you. I’ll contact you for further steps. Please spare few moments to check wildlife situation in Sirmour area:


    Sanjeev Awasthi.

  3. says: Mohan Jadhav

    Dear Mahodaya:

    I am very eager to set up a place where an institution can be set up. We want to teach Vedas, particularly the way of life and the science thereof to all humanity.
    For the past over 35 years I have been traveling all over the world and teaching the phylosophies and science of Vedas to all humanities. Thus far several centers have sprung up. Now I would like to have a main center in India particularly near Mata Renuka and Lord Parshuram who have been the the very spirit and guiding light for this life long mission. There is a good following from Europe, USA and South America who may come for learning and doing sadhana. I am not at all familiar with the the local ways nor situation. Nor do I know how to work with the system there. Could some one take up this Divine noble cause so my later years could be fully dedicated to the service of ‘Sanatan Dharma’ and Humanity at large.

    All Love All Grace!


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