Solan district of Himachal – An example in cash crop cultivation

Solan district has surpassed rest of the State in generating agro income by adopting cash crop cultivation and diversification of traditional cropping pattern and emerged as a source of inspiration to the farming community.

This was stated by Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister while addressing a public meeting at Sayari in Kandaghat Sub Division of district Solan.

Chief Minister said that progressive farmers of Solan had created an example to rest of the farming community by adopting modern modes of cultivation to grow off season vegetables and cash crops in large scale and added that the farmers were habitual of multi-cultural farming which was instrumental in increasing their income. He said that Himachal Pradesh has emerged as a seller market as buyers were coming to State to buy local produce.

Virbhadra Singh said that people of the State were now very well off and their per capita income increased substantially. He said that the per capita income of the State in 1948 was only Rs. 240, which now had crossed Rs. 31,000, which confirmed the improved living condition of the people of the State. He said that people were hard working and honest by nature which gave momentum to development and in generating additional sources of income.

Chief Minister said that private players had stepped into marketting the State agro and horticulture produce and added that Adani Group of Companies had set up cold store chain and companies like Reliance were coming to the State to help in marketing the agro produce of the State at remunerative prices. He said that now the growers would be in a position to sell their produce in the farms and would be saved from exploitation at the hands of middlemen who exploited the growers by monopolizing the markets.

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