Himachal Planning Department get its own website

Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister, today launched the official website of the’ Planning Department of the State addressed as www.hpplanning.nic.in. containing the detailed information of all the government departments of the state.

People would be able to retrieve necessary information of any department and use the same for bonafide purposes. Website would also be instrumental in maintenance of the transparency, efficiency and add to the knowledge of the people. Site contained all the up to date data on all sectors of the economy of the state.

The website had been developed in view of the increasing information needs of the public for decentralized sectoral programme like Vikas Mein Jan Sahyog (VMJS), Sectoral Decentralized Planning (SDP), Backward Area Sub Plan (BASP), Vidhayak Kshetra Vikas Nighi Yojna (VKVNY) and Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLAD). It contained the basic guidelines and requirements for the sanction of any scheme for the public. Information on the Web site was also available about the eligible activities being funded by the government under different decentralized sectoral programmes. CM said that the information regarding Annual Plans of the state, evaluation studies of the different plan programmes for use by the different academic institutions and researchers in the field of economics would also be available in the Web Site.

Chief Minister said that through the site the MLA priority schemes and their status would also be available and the information could be utilized by the MLAs to pursue their priority schemes with the concerned departments from any place all over the country. He emphasized the need for regular updation of the site so that latest information was available to the people.

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