Heather Graham pampers herself with massages

Los Angeles, April 25 (IANS) American actress Heather Graham doesn’t mind spending on massages because she finds these relaxing and beneficial.

The actress, 43, pampers herself with regular massages and is convinced that the luxury sessions are worth their high price tag because they leave her feeling so relaxed.

“I do a lot of yoga, I sleep a lot, I meditate and I just try to be happy. And I get massages. I try to pamper myself because I just think life is too short,” contactmusic.com quoted Graham as saying.

“When I was a kid, I used to think, ‘Oh people who get massages are so wasteful and why are you wasting money on such a thing’. But now I just think, ‘You could die tomorrow, you should just spend that money on a massage!’. I feel like I’m getting better at doing a lot of nice things for myself,” she added.

Graham is also a big fan of meditation, which she picked from director David Lynch while filming for TV series “Twin Peaks”.

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