Social Changes part-III

To say I am optimistic or pessimistic would be seen by time only. However I am working for a social cause with the help of kind and able people who are kind enough to donate and lend their expert guidance. But the problem in our society is that it always finds way to cut others legs and stand on that ground or for that matter build something in front of him or her so that his/her would die down its own death. In our society the problem is, no one is ready to see the bigger larger picture, no one is ready to devote time and energy for a cause which would go a long way. We have urgent need to get the fruits whether they belong to our energy or by taking some one else’s. The motto is to get rich or more powerful overnight.

My Himachal is an effort to build something stronger for a society, a platform on which everyone is free to share and work for their social causes, but the problems which we face from our very own people, for whom in fact we are building this social self help group, are enormous. Because the urgent need is to get famous and get rich. Its vicious circle, as they say. British destroyed the Indian system and then came the revolution and India got independence. But again the very same system which helped India gain independence became its worst enemy, and slowly now system is crumpling. Or if we go back more, Saladin defeated King of Jerusalem and now his own people throw stones for a piece of land. Or same way Mughal kings ruled India for centuries, Ghazni came 17 times to loot Indian temples, now his own people are in constant need of world donations. Time to time religion is being used for politics, does not matter who, what is the person. Of course Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth Shankracharya is Hindus society’s main head but then a Hindu politician would drag him to jail in Hindu dominated country and no one would say a world. Whether it was for some criminal case or for political mileage, world now knows! Neither I am for religion nor for politics, the way world has become mess which I wonder Shiva would think twice before cleansing!

In our own personal comforts its always very easy to brag about our own so called strengths, but then the true society is measured in another world! Power is such a thing that it totally blocks the right instinct. British ruled world for centuries and now they need support of their so called uncivilized brothers from US to do any major offensive. I wonder what happened to world’s greatest power! Or for that matter where is Rome?

In Hinduism scriptures/Vedas we go by four period of times, Kritayuga (Satyuga), Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and present time, Kalyug (time of kali, of destruction). And three main Gods, Braham the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. So its written in Vedas no persuasion no right path would be followed in kaliyuga, its time where we are in fact starting our own destruction path. But then we do forget all these sayings from time to time.

Socially there is revolution going on, for the first time a person who is working for poor, Mohammed Yunus got the world’s most acclaimed Noble peace prize and that too, I ‘d say from fourth world, not even third. Some of the best names in Indian American society are emotionally charged to work for poverty alleviation and are in fact working hard, whether bigger names from IT or other circles or for that smaller yet with very strong convictions from among us in our very own group. But at the end of the day we are giving the message that we are a segregated society, what the hell we will do everything on our own way, and that in fact is true, India at this moment has largest number of political parties, I wonder how many are there for people! Isn’t it true that a common person is really fed up with this mess then why would he or she go for other smaller outfits.

Need of the hour is to work together and that too in very strong binded society. There is lot of problem going on for NGO movement in Himachal as govt. is taking away most of their powers. But then as they say one fish spoils the whole pond. We in fact work with many NGOs and are proud of their work, the wonderful work they are doing in their region is really appreciable. In fact My Himachal provided financial help to few of them and we are here with our full moral support. But my friends, time calls for entrepreneurship. Those who are expert enough and gained enough credible experience would not shy away from starting their own ventures.

SEHYOG research group is starting Biolaya Organics in the field of organic farming and medicinal herbs cultivation, they have excellent skill set and are very good source, are always open and ready to support others.

We can provide intellectual and well as moral support, we can build a support system where we lend our expert guidance to these NGOs who are coming out of govt. aid. I wonder expertise, they gained in running behind govt. officers, if they use even a small amount of that to build partnerships in private sector, would yield wonderful results.

For a group which is in its first year, I wont hesitate to keep blowing the bugle with my own hands:

379 kids vaccinated
8 kids got scholrships (check future posts for details)
Two NGOs got financial as well as moral support (check future posts for details)
10-15 kids getting free IT education
financial help to a national awardee
not to mention excellent people we have on board ready to provide guidance and help any time, whether expert specialists in medicines from US, UK or India, IT and business analysts, environmentalists who worked with NASA and economists with vast experience and excellent educational background, its time that people from Himachal come forward and take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

Come forward and be part of the movement! Afterall its your very own, its the one about which we all dream and discuss on every platform, so why to hesitate to work together?

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