AirJaldi Summit 2006

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India October 22-25

The three-day AirJaldi Summit, aimed at providing affordable Internet access to rural communities will begin in Dharamshala on Monday. The conference will focus on the advantages that wireless networks can provide, by enhancing the quality of education, governance and health-care, increasing economic development, and promoting cultural exchange. Special emphasis will be placed on identifying best practices for rapidly increasing connectivity for regions most in need.

Summit keynoters and speakers will include social activists, IT opinion leaders, philanthropists, and international technology professionals. The AirJaldi Summit will also provide an opportunity for participants to share the lessons learned from the Dharamsala Community Wireless Mesh Network, a successful example of a sustainable technology integration model. With its unique combination of low-cost yet robust technology, community-based implementation, and relatively large scale, the Dharamsala project is an appropriate model for many rural areas around the world.

zen antenna.JPGOn the first day of the summit, field trips will be undertaken to key sites around Dharamsala where mesh antennas are installed, providing participants a firsthand understanding of the project.

Following the summit, the World Summits on Free Information Infrastructure (WSFII) Association – an AirJaldi strategic partner – will lead a two-week workshop on various aspects of wireless technologies, to provide hands-on training for conference participants and the public at large.

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