Jeff Salz’s ascent to Chakri Peak-GHNP

chakriridge_small_2.jpg jvs_and_j_summit_1.jpg mtchakripeak091106_2.jpgThe much anticipated first eco tour by US based adventure speaker, anthropologist, author and TV Personality, Dr. Jeff Salz and his team of adventurers got completed in Himachal’s Great Himalayan National Park. They hiked first time to “Chakri Peak”!

First Ascent: Chakri Peak 17,000 feet (approximately)
Great Himalayan National Park Himachal Pradesh, India
September 11th, 2006

Congratulations to the Way of Adventure Team!
Sarah Hine, Vince Poscente, Jonathan Wygant, Aditya (Panki) Sood, Charan Chauhan, Bicky Thapa and Jeff Salz

Here are few excerpts from Dr. Salz’s blog:

When I last wrote I may have left some of you wondering: Will the team make it to the top of the un-named mountain? And what about Salz and his blown-out knee?

Let me take a minute to fill you in.

Firstly, it turned out the mountain did have a name after all. Such an awesome peak was too impressive not to. (The name is Chakri – Sanskrit for the ‘circle of life’). The tip of its rocky spire measures just shy of 17,000 feet, rising like Shiva’s holy trident above the sacred waters of the Tirthan River. Handily, our journey is fully encapsulated by the concept of those universal

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Please visit Way of adventure for more details about Dr. Salz and his future adventure activities!

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