Sharon obsessed with showbiz lifestyle: Ozzy

Los Angeles, April 16 (IANS) Singer Ozzy Osbourne says his wife Sharon is too much into fame and that he doesn’t like that kind of lifestyle.

It was recently reported that the couple is living separately minus their wedding rings, suggesting that their 31-year-old marriage is on the rocks.

Both the celebrities starred in their reality show “The Osbournes”, which gave them instant recognition. However, Ozzy did not like it.

“Sharon’s obsessed with that showbiz lifestyle. But it’s not for me. Leave me out of it. And she is always introducing me to people I don’t know or want to meet,” quoted Ozzy as saying.

“The reality show was all Sharon’s idea. I never wanted to do all that TV stuff. I was TV mogul of the day with that show and I became this thing I didn’t really want to be. People were recognising me on the streets and it wasn’t right,” he added.

Ozzy, 64, says he never watched a single episode of the reality show.

“I can’t stand seeing myself on TV. I never watched a single episode of ‘The Osbournes’,” he said.

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