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As Tourism department of HP and Himachal Adventure Association has pulled out of organizing the Pre-World cup in Bir/Billing, Russian pilot Nikolay Shorokhov has undertaken this responsibility. Its a shame that HP government is unable to popularize this great sport in this area, even after holding three pre-world cups they are unable to bring World Cup to this world renowned place which is considered No.2 in the world and No.1 in Asia. There is lot of resentment in flying community that local government does all this for getting exposure whereas doing nothing for the sport or for local flyers, its in fact a shame that despite having such wonderful place and highly popular spot with pilots from across the globe, government is unable to gain anything out of this, they in fact love to talk about local tourism and what other policies. But from my teenage years I still remember when at that time Four Square asked to sponsor this event, HP govt. was just shy to deal with a private company. But now with huge private industry coming forward, its high time they privatize this event also and let some adventure sports company run the show! Govt. should stop meddling into this affair and should stay away from putting their own politically affiliated associations to take in charge of this. Kudos to all pilots who despite all odds are doing everything just for the sake of sport!


About organizers

Nikolay Shorokhov (currently 5th in the FAI World ranking) Born in 1959 in Moscow. In 1980-86 studied Astronomical geodesy in Moscow University. Was engaged in mountaineering, badminton, kayaking, orienteering, cycling, wind-surfing. Holds the title of master of sports in mountain skiing. Participated in mountain skiing competitions since the age of 9.Instructor for instructors in mountain skiing in 1987-1990. Coach of the sports skiing team in 1980-1989. First flight on a paraglider was a present for Nikolay’s birthday in 1987. The head of local paragliding club and school ( ), Gin Gliders official importer for Russia. The coach and the team-leader of the Russian National team. “I consider paragliding is more than just being a sport – it’s my life. For me paragliding is an opportunity to see the world and to show the world to my students.” Since about 1999 organizes regular courses, teaching both cross-country and SIV.Just in 2005 more than 100 pilots were trained on Nikolay’s courses in , India, Brazil and Europe.

Please read below for complete details about the competition:
Paragliding Competition Nikolay Experience Cup, India (FAI, Category II ) Place: India Noreen India, Himachal Pradesh, Bir (the Tibetan colony)

The main aim of this competition is to develop the flying skills and make a significant improvement to the confidence and the flying level of the participants.

This event has TEN task days, as do European or World championships. During each of the last three years in 2003, 2004 and 2005, the PrePWC events in Bir have had 4 valid tasks of the 4 possible. Each day the majority of pilots flew good distances, reaching the goals from 51 to 101km. In 2005 in the same time of the year Dmitry Maslennikov have made five out and return flights of more than 100 km each during one week period. It is a really great place for flying Cross Country!
To help the pilots to gain the experience of flying in mountains, we are making de-briefings each evening with the deailed analysis of the track logs of the participants by Nikolay Shorokhov and Dmitry Maslennikov. Every evening top ten track log will be animated on the 3D map of the area. Each good or bad tactical decision of the leaders will be shown and explained.
After each of the task briefings you will receive an advice on the conditions and tactical methods for each particular task from Nikolay.

Photos here
October 15th-Transfer New Delhi – Bir
October 16th Registration 8-10am, Training task Oct. 17th Opening ceremony, Training task, Analysis of the track logs from PrePWC 2005
October 18-October 27 Competitions days
October 27th Prize-giving ceremony
October 28th Transfer to New Delhi
Competition day timetable
9:00 Transport to the take-off
11:00 Task Briefing
17:00 Downloading of GPS tracks
20:30 De-briefing, demonstration of the flights of the leaders
To register for the event, please send the following information to [email protected] :
First Name
Last name
Passport number
Date of birth
Mobile tel
E-mail address
Flight hours logged
Glider make and model
Places in which you’ve flown before
Country and city of living

List of participants will be published here on 01.09.06. Entry fee is 230 euro. For this money you will receive:

Transport to the take-off
Retrieves on the official roads
Necessary maps and badges
Permission for flying in the area
Task briefing and GPS control
Rescue works if needed
De-briefing with 3D animation and analysis of the tracks of the leaders.

The dead line for the application is September 15th.

Please make the bank transfer to:

Bank correspondent: DEUTSCHE BANK, FRANFURT AM MAIN GERMANY SWIFT:DEUTDEFF Beneficiary’s bank account number: 947 2481
Beneficiary’s bank:
Master-Bank (JSB)
Moscow, Russia
Account number: 40817978700003444036
Account name: Maslennikov Dmitry Viktorovich

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  1. says: Anonymous

    Reality is Govt. wants to develop the another large SKI project in this area which would consist of various other outdoor and indoor facilities. For that matter they are backing out of this event and ultimately they want to let the company handle all affairs in future, which for now seems Nikhil Gandhi promoted SKIL.

    Its apathy that for one project they are totally disbanding this great sports event, in fact they can still keep doing this and as and when private company comes for infrastructure project they can handle this world level sport. But everyone in flying Sports community is totally fed up with govt. attitude!

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