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Tibetans in Himachal has a lot of stake, whether its for the tourism or for local economy. They themselves being refugees are contributing a lot to Himachal’s economy and its so nice to know that they are equal partners in charitable causes also.

A major percentage of small vendors for hosiery products are Tibetans, in fact best stuff is found in their small street shops.And for tourism, they are Himachal’s best spokespersons.

You take some of the best Hollywood actors and they all visit Dharamsala to meet Dalai Lama. Richard Gere not only helps Tibetans but he is equal partner in AIDS related charities all over India. And recently with $37.5 Billions from Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates’ GATES FOUNDATION is world’s richest and strongest charity and guess who recently visited Dharamsala, Belinda Gates herself.

Recently Himachal govt. was talking about making Dalai Lama, Himachal tourism’s role model or what else. Himachal govt. needs to understand that as such they are providing the most needed basic necessity to Tibetans refugees but at the same time they are brining so much to Himachal. And Dalai Lama carries huge respect in western world as for as the role model thing is concerned, he is highly regarded as an intellectual, philosopher, writer and great world leader. His status is much more than a Tourism mascot.

Although I believe Tibetans should be part of the Tourism promotion plan and I am sure showing Dharamsala other than hilly station as major destination, for Tibetan spiritual pilgrimage/meeting Dalai Lama would bring a lot of attention and money to Himachal exchequer.

And then its good to know that Tibetans are equal partners in charitable causes and that too after being refugees!

I came across this wonderful charity which is helping the street children with education and other basic needs. Tong-Len is a partnership of two registered charities, Tong-Len Charitable Trust (Registered in India in December 2004: Charity Number 16284) and Tong-Len UK (Charity Number SC036383), based in Edinburgh, which was established in March 2005 to provide funds for the work in India.
Tong-Len Charitable Trust was founded by a group of Tibetan refugees living in McLeod Ganj, an old hill station in the foothills of the Himalayas, about half an hour’s drive from Dharamsala. (McLeod Ganj is home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a large population of Tibetan refugees who were forced into exile following the Chinese invasion of Tibet). They wanted to give something back to the local Indian community who have welcomed and supported them during their time in exile.
Tong-Len Charitable Trust is administered from its projects office in McLeod Ganj:
Tong-Len Charitable Trust
House 118, Nandni Niwas
Chonor House Road
McLeod Ganj
Dharamsala 176219
Himachal Pradesh
Tel: +91 (0)9816438970
Email: [email protected]
Tong-Len UK was founded in January 2005 to support the work of Tong-Len Charitable Trust. It received charitable status on 1 March 2005 (registration number SC032383). Three of the founding members had visited Dharamsala the previous year and were moved by the plight of the displaced Indian populations in this area. They identified with the desires of the founders of Tong-Len Charitable Trust to help these people but recognised that significant funding would be required. Tong-Len UK is administered as a Charitable Trust with currently 7 trustees. There are no paid administrators or staff and all money raised goes directly to support the work in India.

Tong-Len UK operates from the home of the Director, Anna Owen.
Tong-Len UK
7 Oak Lane
EH12 6XH
Tel: +44 (0)131 339 1740
Email: [email protected]

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