Barot, district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Rest house- All wooden

View of the UHL river, sorrounded by thick forests!


(1,830 m) Just 40 km by road from Joginder Nagar and 12 km by the haulage trolley, Barot packs an enormous range of outdoor activities. The reservoir of the Joginder Nagar Hydel Power Project is located here. A trout breeding centre, makes it a wonderful place for angling. Across the River Uhl is the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary – home to the ghoral, Himalayan black bear and a variety of pheasants. A trek route through thick forests links Barot to Kullu. There are rest houses at Thaltukhod and Silbadhwani in the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Day tours can be arranged from Palampur, which is around 36 km from Barot. Taragarh palace hotel which I have mentioned on a different post with complete information is best for overnight stay. Hotel UHL which is state tourism department hotel, offers excellent food and stay back in Joginder Nagar.

Jhatingiri and Luharidi are totally unspoiled by new world and are worth seeing. People are mostly nomads and their source of income is farming, livestock and jungles.

Barot is surrounded by thick Deodar trees and summers are again the best times to travel. As of now Barot does not have any hotels or motels but there are 3 government rest houses which can be booked for overnight stay. However locals also offer guest houses and are pretty nice people and they do take care of all the needs. Recently the new concept of living in people’s home is picking a lot in Himachal and Barot people do offer over night stays in their homes for a very nominal price with utmost care. They do offer all the amenities!

The water reservoirs for Joginder Nagar power station which is known as Bassi Power Station are in Barot and are built by British. The large hydro-electric project in Jogindernagar is a living tribute to man he has harnessed and tamed the wild and roaring river for his betterment.Here an electric trolley takes the visitor up the steep,rocky face of 2,500 metres-high(8,202 ft) mountain and drops sharply on the other side to Barot,where the reservoir is located.

The water rushing down from the reservoir at Barot in the Uhl river through penstock pipes going down nearly a thousand metres(3,280 ft). For tourists who go up to Barot by the trolley there is a comfortable rest house of the Electricity department. The roads extend beyond to Mandi and passes the Largi gorge to the Kullu valley.The railway line goes up to the power station, which is connected from Pathankot. Express service runs on this track and it is narrow gauge line.

An IT professional for 17 years, based in the US since the last 12 years. Founded NGO My Himachal and then Himachal Media Pvt. Ltd.. A Himachali forever. Always trying to bring together people whose hearts beat for the state.

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  1. says: Tara chand

    It is a beautiful place. Barot is a small village. It is situated at Uhal river. I love Barot, i love Himachal.

  2. says: Noni Chawla

    Please advise if there is any trout fishing or other kind of fishing in Uhl River near Barot.
    Thank you.

    1. says: sawan

      Hi Noni,

      I have fished there and there are both rainbow and brown trout in both Uhl and lamba daug rivers, which confluences at Barot. Beautiful place and not too commercialised. You can use lures or fly to get these trouts. do let me know in case you need any further details.


  3. says: Surender Paul

    Excellent Avnish, I also like Barot very much. Basically I am from Joginder Nagar. We all should work together to protect such a beautiful diversity of Himachal

  4. says: Pawan Thakur

    Hi all, i m from Barot i wanna to find d way 4 tourism at Barot there has so many posibilitis 4 tourism how it b possible. Wait 4 suggestions n comments regards Pawan Shimla

  5. says: vikas thakur

    wow, what an information summary. I really love this. I am also from Barot and currently pursuing my MCA from Punjabi University, Patiala. I would like to thanks mr. Avinash for great work. I respect and love ur dedication towards Himachal.

    Jai Himachal

  6. says: Er.R.P.S Saini Chief Engineer / Lehra Bhatinda

    I visited Barot in Mar-1977 when joined PSEB as Assistant Engineer

    Now Again visited Barot in Apr-2011 as Chief Engineer

    Lot of change

    I love my stay at Barot PSEB Guest House

    Project is great tribute to mankind , I salute its creator Col Betty

  7. says: lkkapoor

    I’m soory that i am making some corrections otherwise informative nd good. Barot is not 36km form palampur as J/nagar is nearer 2 Barot nd stated 40km. Trolley haulage 2 Barot side is blocked as road is being constu
    rcted on the trolley alignment. Should conform. Thanx.

  8. says: Deepak Razdan

    I call Himachal my second home as I have spent 10 best years of my life there. Barot is a virgin and unspoilt tourist place. Although during my sales job, I must have passed Jidingri hundreds of times, I still could not see Barot until I specificaly traveled from Delhi to Mandi just to see Jenjehli (another virgin tourist destination) and Barot. I must see place.

  9. says: amit

    I visited Barot last year,That day I cant forget because of seen a natural beauty first time in my life that I cant explian in words.Pines trees, beautiful river, wooden home & honest & lovable people & speicaly trout waoooooo aooswmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. says: lkkapoor

    Lots of comments on Barot are being loaded, which shows its liking/ popularity .My appeal to all is that we must request Govt. to look in to the basic infrstructure reqiurement for increase in tourist inflow and to plan the place as tourist village with overall emphasis on plannig of roads, water, sewerage and cleanniness arrangement/ facilility etc. so that tourist once visited is lured for 2nd time and propagate Barot as tourist destination.

  11. says: sawanjit singh

    Hi All, I was in Barot start of september and yes it is indeed a very beautiful place and a must visit. I love himachal but am based in Singapore as of now and belong to Amritsar. This place has excellent potential especially for trout fishing and other outdoor activities

    Now lets get to the point; I stayed in the PWD guest house (the wooden one) and the entire garbage is thrown on one of the slopes leading to the river close to the trout farm. and when i say garbage, i mean lots (a slope full) which could take days to clean.

    The dry sanitation is another aspect that tourist may find a bit of a put off which going in quest for the trout at Uhl river. I believe not much can be done for the nature call aspect and local people habbit.

    I would love to return when i can with a few of volunteers to see if the place can be cleaned and the message passed on to the locals as its for their betterment and potential for better livelihood.

    Just a thought friends.

  12. says: Rakesh Kumar

    I am from Barot and very pleased to know that people are so curious about this beautiful place. There is an increasing trend of tourism in Barot in recent years. I have made a blog which is about Barot and other places of Himachal Pradesh . Anyone interested about Barot should take a look in it . Thank you.

  13. says: Jags

    Did recent Flooding and land slide July 2013 affect the trout in both the rivers , I want to come for trout fishing in 2nd week of September 2013.
    Any addresses pl for really good place to stay need 2 double rooms [email protected]

  14. says: litin kumar

    If I want to work as a tourism guide in Sir I Barot Valley, please give me some advice for this.

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